Mobotix and Kepler in Healthcare

This solution, Integrated Indoor Hemispheric Camera Mobotix C71 and the software Kepler Vision, monitors patients' well-being and protects their privacy, as the images are not stored and only alert the nursing staff in case of emergency.

Mobotix and Kepler Vision Technologies have developed NurseAssist, Your First Joint Solution for Residences, Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities. The Dutch company's software, integrated into the Mobotix hemispherical indoor chamber C71, Detects people's falls, as well as unauthorized abandonment of the bed. This reduces false alarms compared to other automated systems.

As a result, The solution improves care for the elderly and those who require health care, while reducing staff workload and increasing profitability.

Kepler Vision Technologies Develops Solutions AI-based healthcare software. With them, he monitors the well-being of patients and protects their privacy, as images are not stored and only nurses are alerted in case of emergency.

Mobotix and Kepler in Healthcare 2

Falls of the elderly, Sick and/or dependent conditions often have serious consequences if they are not intervened quickly. Technological solutions are often used to detect incidents, However, They often cause false alarms.

Kepler conducted a study at a care facility for the elderly in the Netherlands with 16 patients, QE reveals that standard monitoring solutions reported weekly 1.500 Alarms. In many cases, these were false alarms caused by, For example, By a pillow that falls off, A flapping curtain or pets jumping on the bed.

The new NurseAssist solution eliminates these factors and is much more reliable than other systems. Only for the 16 Case Study Patients, This saved three hours of working time per day. Repeated false alarms put a burden on nurses (Alarm fatigue), increasing the risk that help will not be provided in time in the event of a real emergency.

The use of this solution makes it possible to detect falls earlier, Ensures increased safety, an increase in job satisfaction for nurses and high cost efficiency.

“Software solutions like Kepler's were what we already had in mind when we developed the Mobotix 7 platform”, Says Thomas Lausten, CEO of Mobotix. “Streamlined, AI-based apps that enable solutions on our platform that previously couldn't be displayed, or at least not with this quality”.

Mobotix c71

Mobotix c71

Thanks to its hemispherical technology, It is possible to monitor entire rooms without blind spots. Images are not stored, rather, they are used to detect serious incidents. The solution includes a privacy mode that ensures that the optical sensor image is not visible if an alarm event has not occurred and only prompts such as 'person in bed' are displayed.

The complex care and healthcare industry requires reliable data protection, an essential element of this solution. Recorded alarms are sent exclusively to designated support personnel, For example, to the nurse on call device.

The detection system works effectively both day and night. Thanks to infrared illumination, Shows details even in complete darkness. In addition, Built-in audio function allows for two-way communication with patient and caregiver, which saves time.

The integration of these systems in nursing homes and hospitals makes it possible to take full advantage of the advantages of this technology. This ensures reliable communication, Secure and fast with nurses' mobile devices and push-to-talk audio interaction for patients.

“Thanks to Mobotix NurseAssist with Kepler technology, We offer to hospitals, Nursing homes and healthcare centres: a tool to optimise care from a single source. We are talking about a huge improvement in the functioning of health work while saving time and money, It's easy to plan, Set up and installed using a plug-and-play system”, Says Christian Cabirol, Chief Technology Officer at Mobotix.

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By • 17 Jan, 2024
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