Milestone in La Aurora

The implemented solution is based on XProtect video technology from Milestone and includes network IP cameras Axis, Hanwha, Vivotek, Mobotix And Dahua. It also has an access control system of CDVI and servers and NVRs Seneca Data.

In order to update your video surveillance system, The Dominican tobacco company The Aurora has adopted the open platform Xprotect of Milestone Systems.

The oldest tobacco company in the Dominican Republic, The Aurora, has set the standard for cigar craftsmanship since 1903, with masterful mixes. Today, Bring the distinctive flavor of Dominican history to more than 80 Countries.

This same approach has led you to your proprietary surveillance system to an open platform video management solution.. Now, Distinguished artisanal cigar manufacturer can easily manage multiple facilities with improved operational efficiency.

La Aurora was looking for a centralized video system that was open, Scalable and future-proof, that interconnected multiple sites. I had to, enable integration with access control and provide robust data protection Back-end.

Milestone in La Aurora

"We needed a system that could grow with us.. It had to help us monitor operational efficiencies during tobacco manufacturing and alert us to potential hazards to prevent accidents.. We also wanted to have the best security technologies, such as different cameras and access control", Explains Iturbides Zaldivar, Director of Sales and Marketing of La Aurora

The solution adopted by La Aurora has been based on Milestone Systems XProtect video technology, which replaced the previous video surveillance system.

Cameras were installed Axis Communications, Hanwha Techwin, Vivotek, Mobotix And Dahua. Most IP network equipment is 4K and offers 360° coverage of manufacturing areas.

The access control of CDVI covers all entrances of the building. Seneca Data servers boost system performance and data storage, while NVRs from this manufacturer store at least 90 Days of video recordings.

Aplex Security (through AWM Solutions), a Milestone Certified Partner, He was in charge of the installation of the new system and the monitoring management of the properties of the tobacco company.

Milestone in La Aurora

"We wanted to connect and manage all of our sites from a single interface and now we have more than 300 cameras in use and we have increased our NVR storage", clarifies Zaldivar.

With a consolidated video surveillance system, Security team can better monitor multiple sites and employees from one location, resulting in more streamlined operations and faster resolution of labour disputes. Higher manufacturing standards are now possible, including accident prevention.

With Milestone's video solution, Managers can see if employees are following proper safety protocols in the warehouse and employing better loss prevention strategies.

Thanks to the integration with the CDVI access control system, Security managers also receive alerts of movements in buildings and warehouses, especially outside business hours.

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By • 31 Aug, 2022
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