Mobotix D71 Dome

The company has presented 18 new hardware and software solutions that are available in Mobotix Innovation Splash, among which stand out a hemispherical camera that combines infrared and white led light, a flexible dome camera, specially designed modules for perimeter protection and intelligent video applications.

Mobotix has gathered in Innovation Splash the latest intelligent video advances: infrared and white light in a hemispherical camera, a flexible dome camera, new thermal sensors with higher viewing angle and intelligent video applications.

Among the 18 new hardware and software solutions that it has presented highlights a hemispherical camera that combines infrared and white led light in a single system and a dome, as well as hemispherical modules and thermal CIF specially designed for the perimeter protection of the cameras Mobotix 7 with a viewing angle (Fov) up to 105°.

Mobotix D71 Dome

A fiber optic extension system allows single camera lenses to be placed (S74) at a distance of up to 60 Meters.

It also has new intelligent applications and software developments that expand the possibilities of video systems HighEnd Mobotix 7. In addition, three new entry-level cameras have been added to the portfolio that have a water-repellent nano coating for better vision, even in the rain.

“This multiple launch is a testament to the strategy we've pursued since the introduction of the Mobotix open platform. 7. We are now able to solve any conceivable video technology project around the world future-proof and cybernetic, regardless of size, the number of locations, requirements or industry”, Explains Thomas Lausten, CEO of Mobotix AG.

Mobotix Q71 Hemispheric

Pioneer in hemispheric technology

Mobotix introduced hemispheric technology to the video security market in 2008. Now, they are again pioneers by combining infrared and white led light in a 360º omnidirectional camera. This makes it possible to create color recordings even at night., Allowing, For example, reliable detection of the colour of clothing or vehicles.

The second IoT video system, a classic dome camera, offers important novelties, such as manual adjustment that has been extended on a third level for comfort and precision.

Both video surveillance systems are integrated into the Mobotix platform 7, which allows the use of individual analysis software integrated into the camera (Apps).

The current Innovation Splash includes four new applications, some of them from new software partners.

New smart apps and updates to existing apps make video analytics increasingly flexible, precise and powerful.

Mobotix 7

Mobotix Move

Several new models have also been presented, some of them with built-in video analytics, in the cameras Mobotix Move, a basic solution for smaller systems and selective add-ons for more complex projects.

It is worth mentioning the new and innovative coating Mobotix EverClear What, thanks to a special nanotechnology, transforms water droplets into an ultrafine water film immediately after impact. This ensures the best possible image quality, even in the rain.

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By • 23 Nov, 2021
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