Mobotix E-Mobility

The Solution Package Mobotix E-Mobility comprehensively covers the application areas of the growing industry such as charging stations.

Beyond General & Fire Safety, Intelligent video technology can support processes and operations around the electric charge to ensure safe operation, Efficient and cost-effective charging station. The Mobotix video technology It can help detect malfunctions and intervene using signals.

The system maintains a pleasant atmosphere for the customer. Uses statistics and market research tools to ensure ongoing optimization of the station process in the interest of the customer. Unauthorized visitors can also be detected, and the charging system locks to protect against misuse.

Mobotix systems can indicate upcoming maintenance tasks in good time, that can be carried out before a breakdown occurs.

Controlled access through the license plate recognition of this manufacturer increases safety at charging stations, as well as improving service through automated access or prioritization of repeat customers.

You can optimize customer service and satisfaction using generated vehicle documentation and marketing data.

Remote access: Mobotix Cloud & Hub

Electronic charging stations operate with few staff or completely autonomously. However, Remote monitoring of 24 hours of the day through Mobotix Cloud & Hub. In critical incidents or other events, Its video technology allows for immediate intervention, For example, through a microphone and audio function, even without on-site staff and for several stations simultaneously.

The Fire Protection Anticipation is essential for e-mobility, e-charging stations and batteries for e-cars. Mobotix systems are not only predestined, they are also certified on multiple occasions and internationally for qualified early detection of fires.

This means that Mobotix systems can not only ensure optimal fire protection during the charging process, they can also be used to protect stationary energy storage systems, 24 /7.

Application in Citywatt

The solution for Citywatt, A Comprehensive Provider of Conceptual Charging Infrastructures, It focuses on recording images to optimize utilization and detect potential malfunctions. In addition, Damage or vandalism should be warned, documented and resolved.

Mobotix's video technology also provides important insights into customers' charging behavior and the vehicles used. This data is used to optimize stations to increase customer satisfaction.

As there is usually no staff on site, The effort involved in maintaining the recorders must be avoided. So the image data is stored in a cyber-secure and decentralized way in Mobotix Cpud via Bridge.

“Based on industry and expert knowledge, Mobotix's E-Mobility solution packages are tailored specifically to certain industries, mostly young or even niche, and offer companies huge simplifications, Optimization possibilities or help to increase revenue. In addition to general safety and security measures and optimal protection against fire and vandalism, It's always about generating added value for users based on specific challenges”, Explains Christian Cabirol, CTO de Mobotix.

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By • 5 Apr, 2023
• Section: Case studies, Access control, Systems control