MOBOTIX waste management

Intelligent video technology, embedded in the chambers of Mobotix, protects people and the environment, In addition to increasing operational safety and preventing damage to waste and recycling companies. This is possible thanks to early fire detection, access control and good use of PPE or perimeter control to avoid intrusion.

Mobotix is demonstrating to multiple waste and recycling companies how its intelligent video technology protects people and the environment, while increasing operational safety and preventing damage of many types.

In fire protection, help with VDS certified thermal radiometry solutions. The large number of different materials that converge in the waste and recycling industry pose a risk, as they can react chemically with each other. Waste, stored in large warehouses or even in outdoor facilities, can cause fires due to environmental and meteorological influences.

For example, Organic waste can, due to fermentation processes, quickly cause considerable damage. In particular, Waste electricity and used batteries constitute a fire hazard. This is why permanent monitoring is essential and MOBOTIX offers a solution certified by VdS.

Its thermal radiometry cameras with calibrated thermal imaging sensors measure thermal radiation over the entire image area and trigger an 'event' when limit values are exceeded.. This can be an alarm, a network message or direct activation of a firefighting system.

Its video technology detects fire sources by capturing critical temperature thresholds before they occur and allows to effectively combat the spread of fires and, in some cases, even prevent them.

Mobotix M16 VdS Thermal TR

Support for safety and security

Waste, mainly recyclable and recycled materials, They have great value that attracts thieves. Landfills and collection points must be monitored and secured 24 hours of the day to prevent theft of materials. In addition, Safety regulations for employees and visitors apply on the grounds of waste and recycling operations and must be respected at all costs..

Where security and surveillance personnel used to be deployed, MOBOTIX provides a reliable and cost-effective solution. Video systems for perimeter protection help detect intruders, both day and night, no matter the inclement weather. It can even help with safety at work.

Cameras can detect when PPE is worn properly, such as helmets or vests, and automatically issue the corresponding notices.

MOBOTIX waste management

Traffic control and fill levels

MOBOTIX video technology can also help improve processes and, therefore, Make trading more economical.

Intelligent video analytics can automatically detect fill levels in spill pits or containers. This reduces staff workload or can provide valuable insights to optimize the site. (Yes, For example, Certain areas are not being fully utilized).

Access control and vehicle documentation can also be simplified and optimized through automatic license plate recognition.

Mobotix M16 VdS Thermal TR

Robustness and reliability

Environmental conditions are especially harsh in waste management. The dust, dirt, Weather influences and changing light conditions require very robust and reliable video systems.

Your camera housings protect against moisture, corrosion and contaminants. High-sensitivity optics, Thermal sensors and smart applications master even the toughest optical conditions. Fault-free service life (Mtbf) of these cameras exceeds nine years.

“MOBOTIX has defined waste management as an important market for many years. It's not just about protecting people and recyclables. The waste and recycling industry is of paramount importance to our environment and sustainable management for our future. Whether it's fire protection, The protection of the site, occupational safety or process optimization, Our range of video technology solutions is used in the waste management industry”, Designates Thomas Lausten, CEO of the company.

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By • 28 Jul, 2022
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