MOBOTIX in Zoilo Rios

A total of 50 Cameras Mobotix S74 at the Group's different petrol stations, and the Vaxtor Make Model Color App tool is being used for license plate recognition.

MOBOTIX in Zoilo RiosAfter the results obtained in its truck parking in its different facilities, The Zoilo Rios Group decided to continue betting on the technology of Mobotix For the safety of the different gas stations managed by the group.

The Zoilo Ríos Group is an Aragonese company with a long history. Founded in 1927, is a comprehensive energy and complementary service provider employing more than 150 People and manage 19 gas stations. The continuous incorporation of new facilities, along with innovation in both products and services, as well as diversification in businesses and complementary activities has allowed a sustainable integral growth.

Sometimes, at service stations, Incidents may occur, so it is very important to have registration of the registration. This is why the company needed to have an effective solution that correctly identified the license plates of customers who refuel on their tracks..

MOBOTIX in Zoilo RiosThey had tried other analogue CCTV systems that, depending on visibility at certain times of the day, did not provide them with a correct reading of the license plates and they were left without possible identification.

One of the key requirements was to clearly and reliably recognise license plates and vehicles day and night and in all visibility conditions. (For example, Against the light), as well as recording the time of refueling.

The Zoilo Ríos Group was a user of MOBOTIX cameras for the surveillance of some of the truck parking in its different facilities and also opted for this technology for the expansion of the security system, up to a total of 50 Cameras distributed by the different gas stations managed by the group.

MOBOTIX in Zoilo Rios

Ultra vision and off-road

Given the needs, the S74 camera by Mobotix, which includes four high-end mobile modules and, thanks to its hidden housing, Works with great discretion, and stands out for its image quality. Features four ultra-low light modules for a bright view with minimal light, in addition to the new Ultra Low Light sensors that offer clear images even in environments with unfavorable lighting conditions.

Since the video system is integrated into the open platform MOBOTIX 7, It was possible to use the application Vaxtor Make Model Color App, offering a complete package. The application recognizes the license plate, The type and brand, as well as the color of the vehicles.

This is the best way to support the investigation of gasoline thefts. In addition, Previously attention-grabbing vehicles can be identified through lists of permits and prohibitions.

A solution that they have installed in the service stations with the most influx of customers. For example, at El Cisne service station, with a system of 4 S74 cameras, placed in the column in front of each pump, can record all eight lanes.

With installed solutions, A few cameras can monitor a large area and do so 24 hours of the day, providing reliable data even at dusk or in low light.

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By • 26 Apr, 2023
• Section: Case studies, Detection, Video surveillance