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Optima Networks Toshiba

With an estimated workload of 140 TB per month, Optima Networks uses the power and reliability of MG Series hard drives and S300 Pro Surveillance Toshiba Electronics Europe to ensure secure storage and fast access to all recordings.

The Belgian company Optima Networks is specialized in the supply of reliable equipment, implementation of complete smart grid installations and configuration for complex surveillance situations.

The complete configuration of a surveillance system in complex environments must take into account factors such as the installation in the most appropriate place of IP cameras to capture images of the best quality, even in difficult environmental conditions, environments with a lot of traffic or constantly changing scenarios.

The quality of the images collected, smooth data processing and reliable storage solutions have a decisive influence on the overall success of smart technologies, such as facial recognition and AI analytics.

This is what he points out. Kevin Vanvinckenroye, Director of Business Development at Optima Networks, "All these elements have an important role for our customers., including a leading Transport and Logistics company in Europe offering value-added services by road, air and sea cargo, customs and dispatch”.

Challenges in surveillance 24/7

Optima Networks Toshiba S300 Pro SurveillanceOne of the main requirements of the company's surveillance system is the monitoring of multiple sites and buildings, with the monitoring of the intense daily activity of the trailer fleets by means of high definition IP cameras, with centralization of data analysis.

To meet and exceed your customers' requirements, Optima Networks uses the system Nx Witness VMS of Network Optix to monitor, intelligently manage and augment IP video cameras in a central office.

The ONX systems by Optima (Models Nvr-04 ONX, 02 ONX Light And 00 ONX Micro) work as a video management server, so that the recovered data is easily accessible, with a quick search.

As the estimated workload is 140 TB per month and a recording solution powerful and reliable enough, the configuration includes hard drives of the Toshiba MG Series and the S300 Pro Surveillance to ensure a secure storage (more data in Digital Security).

“Our customers want to enjoy a video surveillance system with professionally installed cameras, that works smoothly. This becomes a reality by integrating Toshiba's hard drive solutions into our ONX Series video management system”, Explains Erik Couwels, CEO of Optima Networks.

Reliability and performance

Network Optix NX Witness VMSDesigned for critical storage systems and enterprise servers, Toshiba's MG Series, with capabilities of Until 18 Tb, offers an operation 24/7 with a workload of 550 TB/year.

3.5 S300 Pro Surveillance Hard Drives″ Toshiba are specially developed for large-scale surveillance systems that require Until 64 high-definition camera streams, video analysis, facial tracking and editing features.

Its capacity up to 10 TB allows you to record and play back events in real time at high resolution, with object identification and facial recognition.

Both series of hard drives meet the precise demands of Optima Networks, as your digital IP solution is based on reliable hard drive storage, along with server hardware, to collect digital video streams.

Collaboration and teamwork

Close personal contact with customers and partners, fast support and assistance when needed are the business proposition of the services offered by Optima Networks.

As Couwels emphasizes, “the reliability and performance of surveillance hard drives, as well as the service provided by the Toshiba Electronics Europe team are a true added value of the products and services we offer and have a great impact on our business results and those of our customers.”.

For its part, the Account Director of Toshiba Electronics Europe, Sebastian Staniek, "Optima Networks' ONX Series server hardware and Toshiba's S300 Pro and MG Series high-performance surveillance hard drives are a perfect fit for performance and reliability., bringing together high-end technology and cutting-edge security solutions".

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By • 28 Oct, 2021
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