Toshiba S300 disk 4 6TB

The two new hard drives that Toshiba Electronics Europe has added to the S300 series are optimized for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Already available on the market with storage capacities of 4 TB and 5 Tb, the two new hard drives in the series S300 of Toshiba Electronics Europe have been developed to meet the storage needs of small- and medium-scale surveillance applications.

New hard drives use staggered magnetic recording technology (singled magnetic recording – Smr) to provide higher storage density, whose advantage is to provide greater capacity at lower cost and energy consumption in medium- and small-sized deployments.

This makes it easier for customers with these needs to implement surveillance systems capable of simultaneously meeting their technical and budgetary requirements.

Improvements in this series respond to the growing demand for flexible scalability of security camera systems, such as network video recorders (Nvr) digital video (Dvr).

The number of high-definition video streams has doubled 32 To 64, as well as the size of the buffer, which has increased to 256 Mb, which results in smoother data transfer from such high-resolution cameras.

For Larry Martinez-Palomo, CEO of Toshiba Electronics Europe's Storage Products Division, “with these additions to our S300 product line we are able to fully meet the requirements of the storage market for surveillance. The new models of 4 TB and 6 TB improve total cost of ownership (Tco) for small and medium-sized businesses, maintaining performance, quality and reliability”.

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By • 11 May, 2021
• Section: Deep down, storage, Infrastructure