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Teledyne Flir A500f A700f

Designed for fire detection in industrial areas and outdoor monitoring, thermal cameras Flir A500f y A700f cuentan con funciones de análisis y alarma.

Thermal cameras Teledyne Flir A500f And A700f Advanced Smart Sensor have high temperature detection for extreme environments, along with analysis and alarm functions, which is ideal for early fire detection in industrial areas and for outdoor condition monitoring applications.
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Along with enhanced analytical point functions, area, line, polygon and polyline that improve the definition of areas of interest and curvatures of objects, these cameras can help commercial and industrial organizations protect assets, improve security, maximize uptime and minimize maintenance costs.

For early fire detection, Flir A500f and A700f thermal cameras can identify rising temperatures related to potentially hazardous conditions.

If there is smoke, help provide greater awareness for decision makers to properly assess and address incidents.

Teledyne Flir A500f A700f

Both cameras feature technology Flexible Scene Enhancement (FSX), which is found in the portable firefighting devices of the K-series by Teledyne Flir. The result is a very sharp, finely textured image that shows the subtlest details of the edges provided by the visible camera integrated into the thermal image.. this allows operators to recognize objects and people more easily.

The A500f/A700f also provide automated early warning of potential problems in waste management facilities or coal collection areas operating in the 24 Hours.

Factories, chemical processing sites or electrical substations that use a common communications and control language can also benefit from A500f and A700f beyond fire detection.

These cameras allow these organizations to reduce maintenance costs by identifying thermal anomalies, derived from mechanical problems. This extends the life of plant components and maximizes uptime.

With a protective housing with IP67 rating, designed to withstand temperatures between -30° and 50°C (-22° to 112° F), A500f/A700f cameras are designed for harsh environments and are discreet enough to prevent theft. In addition, use a single Ethernet cable (Poe) both for food and communication, which helps minimize the points of possible failure.


  • The A500f camera offers a resolution of 464×348, while the A700f provides 640×480 thermal pixels.
  • The first has a temperature detection range of between -20° and 1500°C (-4° to 2732° F), and the A700f offers a range of between 20° and 2000°C (68° to 3632°F) to detect chemical fires and other extreme industrial fire conditions.
  • Along with thermal lens options ranging from 14° to 42° and an integrated high definition visible camera, these devices meet the needs of most outdoor condition monitoring and fire detection applications.
  • Both are ONVIF compliant and integrated into standard security VMS and NVR solutions, including horizontal and vertical motion control.
  • In the case of VMS integrations, thermal and visible flows can be viewed independently or simultaneously.
  • They are easy to add, configuring and managing on HMI systems (human-machine interface) and Scada (supervisory control and data acquisition).
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By • 27 Jul, 2021
• Section: Video surveillance