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Flir Elara R-190

The latest solutions that Teledyne Flir has incorporated into its perimeter security portfolio for critical infrastructures are the Elara R-190 commercial ground radar and the Triton FH multispectral cameras.

Teledyne Flir has unveiled its latest solutions for reliable intrusion detection in perimeter security including ground radar and multispectral fixed cameras.

Commercial ground radar Elara R-190 is a compact ground equipment that is used to detect and provide early warning of intruders, as part of a larger video surveillance system.

Complements visible and thermal security cameras to provide continuous coverage over large areas. In addition, offers early warning and specific guidance for greater situation awareness.

Radars can track targets in all weather and lighting conditions, and dynamically map them in real time to obtain position information.

Elara R-190 has a field of view of 90 Degrees, a range of up to 300 meters for vehicle tracking and a range of up to 125 meters for tracking people. This provides wide area protection and situation awareness beyond the fence line.

With simultaneous monitoring of up to 32 geolocation objectives and capacity, can trigger alarms and guide PTZ cameras for visual verification in order to maximize security coverage and increase the amount of time available to react to a threat.

Flir Elara R-190

Multispectral cameras

As far as multispectral cameras are concerned, the novelties focus on the series Triton FH designed for intrusion detection.

Flir FH Series Cameras, that integrate industry-leading thermal imaging with 4K visible images, provide reliable intrusion detection capabilities for perimeter security and rapid visual verification of hot spots in early fire detection applications.

Critical infrastructure facilities will benefit from the latest technological advances offered with the new cameras, such as high-precision CNN-based video analysis for thermal and visible spectra. This minimizes false alarms and allows users to generate gps coordinates of detected threats for map display and tracking..

Flir perimeter security

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By • 13 Oct, 2021
• Section: Video surveillance