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Advanced detection, thermal sensors and advanced analytics are some of the features of Flir Saros for advanced outdoor security.

FLIR Saros

The manufacturer of security systems FLIR Systems He has presented its new generation of security camera network, called Saros, for outdoor applications, that combines multiple technologies to protect perimeter and intrusion detection in a single device in a cost-effective manner.

In this sense, traditional perimeter security systems required a significant investment, both in infrastructure and in constant costs of false alarms from devices. With cameras Saros initial installation cost not only greatly reduces, by requiring less equipment for surveillance, but also false positives due to the functions of advanced analytics that incorporate.

A single Saros Flir unit combines numerous safety technologies, which include:

  • Multiple thermal sensors Flir Lepton: to monitor larger areas, regardless of the unfavorable lighting or weather conditions.
  • Optical high definition cameras: with options of resolution 1080 p or 4K to carry out an effective visual identification, clear and precise intrusion.
  • Visible Infrared Illuminators and Led: para disuadir a los intrusos con luz blanca iluminada y detectar movimientos durante la noche o con total oscuridad.
  • Análisis avanzado a bordo: detección y clasificación precisa de objetivos para ayudar a reducir las falsas alarmas.
  • Entrada/salida de audio bidireccional y digital: para ofrecer una respuesta de audio en tiempo real.

FLIR SarosLa plataforma de seguridad Saros se ha diseñado teniendo en cuenta los riesgos actuales de ciberseguridad, con encriptación de extremo a extremo en su configuración, web y flujos de vídeo, as well as blocking after being set to avoid manipulations, together with the Elimination of ports to prevent remote security attacks.

James Cannon, President and CEO of Flir, He points out that "Saros is equipped with multiple sensors Leptons, and represents a new paradigm of security for commercial wide-area locations that face the threat of loss. These cameras open up new business opportunities for central monitoring stations and security with an effective and profitable solution integrators".

Los primeros modelos Flir Saros, tanto domos como panorámicos, estarán disponibles en Europa y Norteamérica durante el tercer trimestre de 2018 through the network of distributors and integrators of manufacturer.

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By • 8 May, 2018
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