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The first six Flir Saros models, in dome format, have thermal resolution up to 960x120p, with a field of view up to 270 Degrees.

Flir Saros MH-9270

Combining various technologies, the first six outdoor IP domes of the new Saros range Flir just presented on the market have options for resolving 1.080 or 4K, and also thermal for precise application in perimeter protection and large areas.

Specifically,, Saros DH-390 Dome, with options 2 Megapixel (1.080Q) and 8 Mp (4K resolution), has a thermal resolution of 320x120p, with a field of view of 90 Degrees.

The MH-6180 is available in 4 And 16 Mp, with thermal resolution of 640×120, with a field of view of 180 Degrees.

Flir SarosFinally,, the MH-9270 dome is offered with options 6 Mp (three 1,080p cameras) and in 24 Mp (three 4K devices), with thermal resolution of 960×120, with a field of view of 270 Degrees.

All cameras integrate multiple technologies into a single device (more data in Digital Security), like two Flir Lepton thermal sensors, with integrated analytics, Led and infrared, two-way audio, Etc. What, among other advantages, reduce total equipment cost and initial installation deployment, but integration with centralized security stations and false alarms for precise security.

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By • 23 Oct, 2018
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance