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The new Museum, located in the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates, It has more than four hundred surveillance cameras in network to protect visitors and works of art.

Museum louvre-abu-Dhabi Davantis

Opened at the beginning of the last month of November in Abu Dhabi, on the island of Saadiyat, where you will find other important cultural centres and entertainment, the new Museum Louvre Abu Dhabi It is the result of the collaboration agreement signed by the French Government and Paris Museum for thirty years with the leaders of this Emirate.

Designed by Jean Nouvel, This facility has an area of 24.000 m², which highlights its huge cupola or dome of silvery metal, of 180 meters and made up of about 8.000 openings in the form of metallic star with Arab issues that are responsible for filtral the sunlight and temperature control, It rises above the desert sand and seems to float in this area of the Persian Gulf, to 40 meters above the sea level.

Museum louvre-abu-Dhabi Davantis

In order to protect visitors and the works of art from around the world, those responsible for the new Museum have trusted security systems manufacturer Davantis, with the installation of more than four hundred surveillance cameras in network.

All systems Davantis security integrated analysis of video and perimeter with this manufacturer's own technology protection.

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By • 19 Dec, 2017
• Section: Case Studies, MAIN FOCUS, Urban Security, CCTV