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The manufacturer has included in this powerful video surveillance software, designed for large areas and critical infrastructures, Virtual IR functionality.

Davantis Daview LR Virtual IRDeveloped by Davantis to protect a large perimeter through video analysis technology, an efficient and economical solution, Daview LR is a video surveillance system that, thanks to the advanced features it incorporates, reduces costs and minimizes the number of false alarms when monitoring large areas of critical terrain and infrastructure.

This video surveillance software, so far the only one on the market that uses specific algorithms for thermal cameras, based on manufacturer's data, incorporates the Virtual IR feature, designed to improve the detection capability of such security devices.

Davantis Daview LR Virtual IRFor example, in situations where there is little contrast and is detected at a great distance, Virtual IR acts as virtual focus, increasing contrast and improving long-distance detection, significantly reducing the number of false alarms, based on manufacturer's data.

"Our solutions are compatible with all systems on the market and provide quick and easy installation, because it's very intuitive software", highlight Davantis managers.

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By • 22 Jan, 2019
• Section: Deep down, Alarms, Intrusion, Video surveillance