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Heritage of Brazil and visited by hundreds of people, toda la instalación está ahora permanentemente monitorizada con las cámaras IP, AirLive switches and NVR.

Memorial is mines gerais Airlive

Vale Memorial It exhibits the spirit and traditions of Minas Gerais of original and interactive way. Real and virtual scenarios are mixed to create experiences and sensations that carry visitors to the 18th century, in direct contact with the present.

Inaugurated in 2010, This historic building was constructed in 1897 and it is the place where was placed the first stone of Belo Horizonte, that it was registered by the Institute of the historical heritage and art of Minas Gerais (IEPHA/MG).

Memorial is mines gerais AirliveThe private company Vale, Brazil-based and presented in more than thirty countries of the world, He created this installation and is responsible for their maintenance through its foundation, where it rests and preserve local cultural spaces, as it is the case of the Minas Gerais Vale Memorial.

Due to the large number of people who visit the building daily and in order to ensure their safety, In addition to improving the protection of its exhibitions and the historic building, It has prompted the deployment of a new security system to monitor all the space.

Memorial is mines gerais AirliveAdministrators of the Vale Memorial needed a solution that centralize external and internal monitoring with a network of IP cameras, managed through PoE switches. Also, the images and videos generated by these device had to stored in NVR for their recovery.

The solution responding to these requirements have been systems of AirLive, that it has supplied and integrated JCG consulting en Informática de Cascavel-Paraná, partner and distributor of the manufacturer in Brazil, as explained by your manager, José Carlos Gomes

Memorial is mines gerais AirliveThe video surveillance system covers all areas of the memory, with the installation of AirLive IP cameras in resolutions of 2 and 5 megapixel. Todos los dispositivos están conectados a una infraestructura de red AirLive, with switches, NVR recorders and protectors of over-voltage for each team.

According to the project managers, the next step is to analyze the possibility of incorporating a solution based on intelligent cameras, visitors access control features, control of temperature and humidity environments.

Installed AirLive IP video-surveillance equipment:

  • Memorial is mines gerais Airlive46 BC-5010-2812VF Chambers of 5 megapixel.
  • 2 VD-2028 Chambers of 2 megapixel.
  • 12 ACC-BOXCAM-IR30 protection housings.
  • 8 switches-POE-GSH2004L-370W.
  • 1 decoder AirLive 1CH VS-100.
  • 3 recorders CoreNVR of 16 channels.
  • 48 SP-100E-surge protectors.
  • 1 camera SmartCube 300W.

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By • 31 Aug, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, Control Systems, MAIN FOCUS, Training, Networks, Services, CCTV