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The system of video surveillance IP is has expanded mainly by the station railway, areas of great commercial and economic affluence of this agricultural town with almost 9.000 people, as part of the project of expansion and growth of the municipality.


Based on IP devices of AirLive, a municipality of Buenos Aires that not has dear identify is has deployed by all its area urban a new system of video surveillance in network, adding digital devices to the CCTV system already installed, up to a total of fifty deployed network cameras, to which you have added solutions of connectivity as link with the Center operating of control of safety municipal.

For this project, the technical team of the municipality has added twelve units of BU-3025 model and five of BU-3026-IVS of AirLive, that you have placed at strategic points in the city to monitor and protect the population and its property, mainly in the area of the railway station and the more commercial.

The cameras IP of AirLive is controlled by the software of management of administration of video surveillance of the specialist Digifort, that currently manages a total of fifty devices in network from outside in this municipality Argentine.

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By • 18 Nov, 2016
• Section: Case Studies, Urban Security, CCTV