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These systems have advanced management features and capabilities so small and medium businesses can manage their cameras and safety net more efficiently, simple and reliable.

Network video surveillance is a mission-critical element that requires reliable service and ensures its operation 24/7, no less powerful the cameras installed, who rely heavily on having a continuous energy supply.

To meet this need and ensure the performance and activity of the video surveillance network, AirLive has developed the range of gigabit PoE switches with topology, poE-GSH2624-370, POE-GSH1816R-250 and POE-GSH1008R-130.

AirLive topology PoE switches feature advanced features to manage video surveillance network, which are both technical-commercial advantages for integrators who market switching solutions this manufacturer.

Specifically,, these systems guarantee all the power that PoE equipment connected to the grid needs, like IP cameras, Aps, Phones, Etc. Add to this its SNMP management function, Smart web and network topology view with graphical view function, with Onvif compatible live camera broadcast.

The automatic topology of AirLive switches automatically maps a system graph, providing the user with a clear view of how system IP cameras are configured. Using the graphics-based e-map feature, these switches can import a plane from the local floor and place the camera icons on it to manage the system, as well as linking it to Google Maps for urban or country-distributed installations.

AirLive has incorporated the device protection feature into these switches (Device guard), so that it allows you to monitor the status of the IP cameras that are connected at all times and also restart them when they are detected to have faults or are not in operation.

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By • 4 Apr, 2017
• Section: Deep down, Systems control, Networks, Video surveillance