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In order to cover both the inside and the entire perimeter, a network based solutions AirLive wireless that allows you to manage installed the 16 cameras of video surveillance that is installed. Equipment of high definition and performance allowing to cover each and every one of the specific needs and requirements of the various sectors of the complex.

Video surveillance Cegasa AirLive

Cegasa is a company dedicated to the casting and production for export of aluminium large scale, whose head office is located in Morón (Estado Carabobo - Venezuela). It's an industrial complex, whose dimensions reach the 30 hectares, composed of a central building, on whose premises the management and administrative areas are, five areas of production and services, with power plants, storage of tools and materials, and work vehicle tanks.

Video surveillance Cegasa AirLiveThis building needed a system of video surveillance that would be totally wireless, due in part to the extensive distances to be covered and also implied security offering this type of solution. The solution should contemplate an active system of perimeter control, lengthwise and widthwise of the entire complex, that included activation of alarms, recordings and notifications via email, before the appearance of unauthorized intrusion events.

The company projects for access control and video security Cycs engineering and facilities, He was in charge of this project IP video surveillance which has made it based on the technology of AirLive. The solutions that have been implemented include CPE outdoor and radio bases of wireless connectivity, switches, NVRs and cameras IP fixed and motorized.

The IP project

Video surveillance Cegasa AirLiveThe phase of analysis and conceptual engineering created the design and configuration of a network based solutions AirLive wireless, as the backbone switch POE-GSH2004L-370, with their 24 PoE ports and 370 Watts encouraged the implementation of the network. For his part, the installation of AirMax5X rays allowed us to create a platform of wireless transmission, all-IP, and with a high computing power and growth.

Thus, they have been installed in the industrial complex of Cegasa 16 Airlive surveillance cameras: 9 models of 3 MP BU-3028-IVS, six of 2 MP (three SD-2020, two OD-2060HD and an OD-2050HD) and an of 5 MP and fish-eye system (FAITH-501OD).

These high definition equipment and best services have allowed to cover each and every one of the specific needs and requirements of the various sectors of the complex.

Video surveillance Cegasa AirLiveThe main objective of the system is to monitor internal and external areas of the industrial complex, as the areas of reception of the administrative building, the surroundings edge as input and output of people and vehicles of the complex, the garita de surveillance, warehouse, the courtyard and parking, the main courtyard and the area of Roman pesa, the power plant and all exterior and surrounding areas of the industrial complex.

To monitor all is infrastructure was created a control center, It is located in the data center within the administrative building, where is managed centrally across the network security.

In this same building also installed a radio station base which is integrated by the access points (AP), microwave radios, managers receive the video of all the CPEs, radios transmitting the images from external cameras and perimeter.


Equipment used AirLive:

  • SD-2020
  • OD-2060HD
  • OD-2050HD
  • FAITH-501OD
  • BU-3028-IVS
  • AirMax5X
  • IG-642POE
  • POE-GSH2400L-370
  • CoreNVR16

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By • 6 May, 2016
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