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This wireless video surveillance system, of 3 megapixels of resolution, incorporates temperature and humidity sensor to display real-time data and intelligent video analytics for application in all types of installations.

AirLive Smartcube 300WThe provider of wireless and video surveillance equipment AirLive has a new wireless IP camera available -SmartCube 300W-, especially suitable for them to require continuous and accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity, because it integrates a sensor with these functions that displays the data in real time and sends alerts when any of the values exceed or are below a certain value.

SmartCube 300W offers a resolution of 3 megapixels and features intelligent video analytics, recognition of faces and people posting functions. In addition, this device features Door CAM modes, who activates a doorbell when someone is in front of the door of the establishment and sends a notification to see and chat with the person; Store entrance, to count the number of customers per hour who access and can even activate a recorded voice as a welcome, and Aisle mode, offering full vertical viewing angle for video surveillance in halls and hallways.

AirLive Smartcube 300WIn addition, using AirLive's Android and iOS app, SmartCube 300W camera offers two-way audio function, so that it allows you to communicate with the people in front of the access door, even when the user is not on site. It is also possible to use any smartphone for remote monitoring of both the camera, as well as temperature and humidity.

This device thus allows monitoring, day and night thanks to its infrared LEDs, nursery, cellars, greenhouses, Etc. where temperature and humidity control is vital to prevent their deterioration, as well as to ensure installation and detect suspicious activity.

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By • 16 Nov, 2015
• Section: Deep down, Access control, Services, Video surveillance