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Smart Tracking functionality allows AirLive's SD-3030 camera to detect the unexpected presence of people or vehicles requiring special attention. A solution designed for outdoor video surveillance in critical environments.

Airlive SD3030

The high-speed dome camera AirLive Speed SD-3030 integrates optical zoom with 30X AF lenses, Sony CMOS progressive scanning sensor 3 Megapixel, pan/tilt mechanism and accuracy to support its integrated intelligent tracking function. With IP66 standard and support of a wide temperature range backed by PoE energy +, this video surveillance solution provides optimal capacity for harsh outdoor environments.

Airlive SD3030High-speed pan/tilt mechanism helps easily track and focus, while its resolution of 3 megapixels is 1,5 times sharper than Full HD. With its 30 fps at 3MP and 60 fps at 1080p, SD-3030 camera can capture every little detail with great clarity (Crystal Clear).

This AirLive camera incorporates the advanced Smart Tracking feature (Smart Tracking), that allows it to be configured to automatically detect an intruder or the irregular movement of an object in a restricted area, banks outside of public office hours or neighborhoods at night. This intelligent program helps to follow the unexpected presence of people or vehicles that require special attention through the video surveillance system.

At temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius or outdoor facilities, Speed Dome SD-3030 connects to 802.3at PoE switch + or to a 24V AC adapter (Optional) for the heater's energy consumption.


Airlive SD3030

  • Sony CMOS 1/2 Sensor,8"
  • 3Mp + Dual real-time SXGA streaming
  • Smart Tracking function
  • 30x optical zoom
  • Ip 66
  • Support 802.3at 60W PoE+ to activate the heater
  • Pan/Tilt resolution of 0.225
  • Motion/audio detection
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • 3D Sound Reduction/Antinebline Function
  • Two-way audio
  • Automatic and manual calibration of PTZ
  • Compatible Onvif
  • IR Rremovible mechanical filter cut
  • Micro SDXC memory card slot for local storage


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By • 9 Dec, 2015
• Section: MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Urban security, Video surveillance