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After its acquisition, the developer and manufacturer of systems air not manned (WHO) nano class now integrate Lepton of Flir sensor technology to provide a solution for monitoring and intelligent recognition of the security industry and military.

The acquisition on the part of FLIR Systems Norwegian manufacturer of nano-drones PROX Dynamics has supposed an investment of some 134 millions of dollars in cash, as announced by the company, which aims to improve and extend its range of Flir Airbone and Lepton technology sensors.

So Andy Teich pointed out, President and CEO of FLir Systems: "this acquisition adds a capability unique in technology of systems air not manned" (WHO) to our portfolio. Prox Dynamics team has created a differential solution now incorporates our advanced intelligence sensor Lepton, surveillance and reconnaissance that fits with our vision of growth in this market".

In this sense, FLIR will invest in improving flexibility, performance and cost the personal recognition platform (Staff Reconnaissance System – PRS) Prox Dynamics that fits your system Black Hornet (a nano unmanned helicopter), with air sensor in a manual driver for this device's size pocket a soldier can throw hand in the field, which provides a significant advantage in the planning of the mission.

Black Hornet uses it technology Lepton from Flir, with micro cameras thermal, visible spectrum camera, advanced technology of rotor low-power and proprietary software for flight control, inter, lighter and insurance market to make it in one of the remote control helicopters, offering a very advanced surveillance solution, especially useful for traditional military forces and advanced and saving for the traditional military and special operations forces.

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By • 13 Feb, 2017
• Section: Business, Urban Security, Services