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At the traffic control center has been installed configured display solution by 24 projection cubes of 70 inch EC-70-LHD-CP-1000. With this implementation has been optimize monitoring and obtain a more detailed view images that surveillance cameras capture.

Videowall eyevis Center control traffic Norway

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration It has set as a goal that all passengers, cyclists, motorists and users of public transport in the country arrive safely at their destination and to achieve this challenge has optimized its control centre incorporating a large video wall that allows a greater detail in the surveillance of highways.

Videowall eyevis Center control traffic NorwayThe installation of this large display screen was Leikanger corporate responsibility, in collaboration with the company GCCD, and for your settings chose the technology of eyevis and more specifically by EC-70-LHD-CP-1000 projection cubes.

Eyevis Led DLP Projection cubes offer a Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 px) with a ratio of 16:9. A few teams that are specially designed for applications where you need an intensive use 24×7.

They were used in this configuration 24 teams of 70 inch EC-70-LHD-CP-1000, as well as the controller netPIX and eyevis eyeCON software.

“A control center, It is all day running, It is crucial for the vigilance of the roads of Norway and the technology by eyevis provides the best solutions for control rooms and is perfectly suited for this type of project", explains Lee Baxter of eyevis.

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By • 10 May, 2016
• Section: Case Studies, Data Center, Control Systems, CCTV