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A composite video wall has been installed in the control centre by 27 eyevis rear projection cubes, from where the images that capture the hundreds of surveillance cameras which are installed in the mosque in Karbala are managed.

Videowall eyevis in control center Al - to Al - Attaba Abbasiya in Karbala

The mosque of Al - Attaba to Al - Abbasiya in Karbala (Iraq) is considered by Shi'a Muslims as one of the most sacred places. Dedicated to Imam Al - Abbas, the shrine is visited by millions of visitors every year and is attended by more than 3.000 tens of thousands of volunteers and professionals.

A holy place which is also white of a large number of terrorist threats so they decided to give the building's security measures to protect both those who work there as the faithful.

In 2014, It acquired facilities of a system of closed circuit television (CCTV), composed of hundreds of surveillance cameras, and it has implemented a powerful and intelligent video analysis system of iOmniscient It is capable of managing the large crowd that comes here. For this it has set up the mosque of facial recognition applications, people counting, crowd control, abandoned object detection, license plate recognition...

All this security infrastructure is managed from a control center, operating 24×7, in which a large composite video wall installed by 27 rear projection cubes eyevis EC-56-LWXT-1000 DLP.

Al - Attaba mosque at Al - Abbasiya Karbala

“We needed a solution that was able to show the images collected by hundreds of cameras and display that could be mounted on a limited space in which is difficult to maintain it. Also, We needed reliability and a high resolution. 1.920 × 1, 200 pixels of eyevis DLP solution was the answer to our needs", says Firas Abbas, Project Manager at Al - Moashour Ing.

The DLP EC-56-LWXT-1000 is a modular solution that has a screen diagonal of 56 inches and WUXGA resolution (1920× 1200 pixels). It uses Led technology and is especially designed for applications that require reliable operation 24×7, as it is the case of the Karbala mosque.

It is of a video wall of large-format, composed of a large number of screens, the Assembly has been carried out on an infrastructure that moves on a servo motor that facilitates the maintenance.

This video wall has been installed next to an ACT-CommBoard eyevis for automatic tracking of color, solution that is complete with Eyecon V4 software, It allows to control such large-format screens, and videowall netPIX management system 4800.

Eyevis worked on this project with the companies that had been responsible for the installation of the video analysis system, iOmniscient and Al - Moashour Co, pioneer of the technology of information in Iraq.

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By • 8 Feb, 2016
• Section: Case Studies, Data Center, Control Systems, MAIN FOCUS, Detection, CCTV