Glasgow's operations centre manages the more than 440 cameras that are installed in the city and that are part of the CCTV system. To control the images of these security systems, a complete display solution composed of a video wall of 12 has been installed×2 and others 16 More, performed in different configurations. All of them are designed with Eyevis screens and equipped with Peerless-AV brackets.

Eyevis and Peerless at GOC

The Commonwealth Games 2014, the MTV Video Music Awards and BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend have been some of the most important events that have made this year the Scottish city of Glasgow have a great concentration of visitors.

The new control centre, opened in the early years, has been key to the development of these events as it has ensured safety and provide better service to citizens. Emergency services are managed from these facilities, traffic cameras and surveillance of cities in the city. A project in which security and traffic cameras have been joined in the same control centre, allowing the tracking of hundreds of images provided by the CCTV camera system that provides real-time information to operations personnel, allowing planning to react faster before emergency situations.

At this glasgow operations centre (Goc) technology plays a key role, introduced by the hand of Eyevis that has provided a visualization solution consisting of 85 LCD screens 55 installed in different configurations that show live sequences of the 440 cameras integrated into the CCTV (Cctv) Glasgow city centre.

Eyevis and Peerless at GOC

Operations Center

The integration of this visualization project has been carried out by the company specializing in AV installations, SSUK, who has been in charge of designing, supply and install the 85 Eyevis LCD screens.

A 12-year video wall has been implemented in the GOC's main room×2 made up of 24 Screens, other 16 videowalls inside the control room in 2 configurations×2, 3×2 and 4×2, And, there are also some additional individual screens.

Eyevis and Peerless at GOC

This was a project that posed great challenges in many ways as the building had been completely renovated to fulfill the functions for which it was to be intended. This required that the plants be reinforced and a complete renovation of all systems, accessories and furniture.

When installing the screens, SSUK had to find a partner, Peerless-AV, to provide you with the supports you needed given the characteristics of the stay. The control center is designed with glass panels so attaching the videowalls to the wall was complicated. To solve this problem, Peerless-AV supplied its floor supports that offer the safety sought.

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By • 3 Sep, 2014
• Section: Case studies, Systems control, Infrastructure, Urban security, Video surveillance