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The software developer of video surveillance and security, AxxonSoft, al market has taken Axxon Next, distributed platform next-generation video surveillance without limitation to the number of cameras and video servers, and incorporating new functions like Time Compressor, that allows rapid visualization of events in video file without using accelerated playback, and interactive 3D map, to visualize palpably video images and the distribution of the cameras, all in one window.

AxxonSoft has launched Axxon Next, an open platform video surveillance new generation. The unique functions performed in this product enable users to provide a new level of quality, functionality, reliability, productivity, effectiveness and ease of use. Next axxon has no restrictions in terms of scale – product-based solutions can include an unlimited number of servers or Camcorders. Operating stability of the system is achieved through the introduction of an architecture which guarantees micromodular performing various functions of the surveillance system in different operating system processes. MicroModules in particular responsible for the fulfillment of each function, and performance of the micromodule is controlled by a controller module. In case of failures and abnormal completion of the, the controller module will automatically reset the corresponding MicroModule, This will not affect the performance of parallel processes and the functioning of the overall video surveillance system. Functional tests are performed micromodules automatically, thus reducing the likelihood of errors in the code.

In Axxon Next SolidStore specialized file system that protects the video surveillance system against the main disadvantage of standard file systems used – data fragmentation. Using SolidStore has improved greatly speed access to video file throughout the useful life of the system and extend the operating period of hard disk drives. Due to the absence of separate blocks that contain very important information, the video file based on SolidStore ensures an unparalleled level of reliability in storage.

Any license includes Axxon Next 10 video detectors and Time Compressor – a tool to quickly visualize the video file without using accelerated playback. This technology allows to display on the screen all captured by the camera for a certain period of time objects, then display the required video fragment with one click.

During product development, attention to usability and interface optimization was paid to the needs of users. Based on the results of numerous studies, Next in Axxon interactive 3D map is implemented. This function allows to combine in a window the object map with the cameras installed on it and the video images of these cameras. Thanks to this, the operator can determine where the object takes place event captured on camera, without wasting time switching between windows without having to look the other monitor. Also, the interface is arranged such that the screen is enough space for the map and the video image.

In Axxon Next was performed principle “maximum safety for all”, where there are no such concepts as corporate version, professional or basic: full functionality is available on systems of any size and does not depend on the number of channels or cost. For installation in small objects is available free fully functional version with a server and 16 video channels, Photo whose volume is limited to a terabyte. If necessary expand the system or to increase the volume of the video file may purchase a commercial version, in this case, the cost of each additional video channel remains fixed.

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By • 12 Nov, 2012
• Section: Infrastructure, CCTV