This iVMS solution, designed to meet the network surveillance needs of SMEs in the retail sector, provides an ability to manage 16 Until 32 IP cameras.

Hikvision Blazer Express

Centralized video management, Quick and easy-to-use installation define the new Blazer Express solution, developed by Hikvision to efficiently monitor 16 Until 32 network surveillance cameras (with operating system previously installed), specially designed for stores, single-place gas stations and parking lots, as well as SMEs that have several locations.

Blazer Express incorporates playback features, live viewing and cameras associated with alarms through a simple interface, that allows you to easily locate relevant video images through various search options (Label, Lock, interval and segment).

This solution provides the user with an on-screen electronic map for an overview of all network security camera locations, and allows you to manage both live video and play and access alarm-triggered events associated with each device for quick identification.

Hikvision DS-2CD2T32-I5The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with the point-of-sale system (Pos) that the retail customer has and with Onvif cameras, which allows to associate the data of the transactions carried out in the trade with the images provided by the CCTV installed in it, so that it makes it easier to identify, analysis and evaluation of suspicious transactions and as evidence in case of customer complaint.

Other Features of Blazer Express, especially suitable for parking lots, are automatic recognition of vehicle license plate numbers (Anpr), and people counting, providing valuable data on the flow of people coming to an establishment in different time periods and improving business operations.

Blazer Express iVMS stations can be installed in multiple remote locations for centralized video management, allowing operators to access data, videos and images of the alarms of the different branches. The system can be easily expanded (in case a new establishment is added) by simply connecting a new Blazer Express to the system, in addition to configuring them for centralized management of all remote devices.

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By • 24 Aug, 2016
• Section: Systems control, Video surveillance