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The main landfill in Switzerland have adopted surveillance systems to improve logistics processes and discharges from these facilities safely and efficiently. Integrated by Comtronic Communications with Panasonic cameras solution is good example.

Comtronic Communications Panasonic Weir

Modern landfills currently in use surveillance cameras to detect license plates to control loads, His weight, monitor landfill sites and streamline logistics processes such facilities, extending over large areas and receive different types of materials, that need to be separated in different sections. For example, debris have an assigned area, and waste plastics and larger.

Often, license plates of vehicles not registered and debris deposited in the wrong section. Comtronic Communications, integrator Panasonic based in the Swiss town of Stansstad, It works with several landfills in this country providing specialized security solutions, monitoring and process optimization.

Spross dumps in Debag (Zurich), Grimm en Oetwil am See y Bubikon, Wiedag in Oetwil am See and Nidwalden Association Kehrichtverwertung use video analysis solutions from Panasonic as part of your security system.

Comtronic Communications Panasonic WeirComo EXPLICA Jörg Kaufmann, propietario de Comtronic Communications, "To avoid errors in the registration of vehicle registration numbers can be installed cameras that clearly identify and record the vehicle number and the employee. Panasonic has a wide range of cameras that allow you to select the most suitable model for your needs cost optimization ".

Fixed cameras are suitable to detect vehicles or to monitor indoor and outdoor areas. The WVSW158E Panasonic model is a vandal-resistant mini-dome IP camera, with Full HD resolution (1.920×1.080p) providing sharp images, thanks to the day / night function, regardless of the time of day.

These external landfills in Switzerland are monitored by cameras Full HD PTZ model Panasonic WV-SW599E, with speed 30 fps and automatic tracking of moving objects. The optical zoom functions 30 increases and additional digital zoom allow the images to increase 90 times, so that those responsible for safety of these facilities can monitor the site from a central point.

Through various video stream transmissions, the camera provides real-time monitoring, and display high-resolution images, around the landfill, to what your PTZ control function is added to provide a full field of view of 360 °.

4K technology and analytic functions

Comtronic Communications Panasonic WeirThe new Panasonic camera delivers 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD - 4K), integrated high sensitivity and an omnidirectional surveillance offering a wide viewing area in great detail analytic functions.

This device generates high-resolution images even at the edges and supports advanced analysis applications, as headcount, remover moving objects and thermal mapping, inter, as well as functions that allow users to create virtual fences, marauders or detect intruders, etc..

Another advantage offered by this camera is for logistics security 4K. In landfills can be rented containers and video surveillance cameras Panasonic let you monitor your level, so that they activate an alert these levels are low for replacement. "It is possible to gain remote access to the video monitoring system of the landfill through an app or Web", Kaufmann added.

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By • 17 Nov, 2015
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