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This new Panasonic network camera combines high resolution intelligent encoding technology to reduce storage and bandwidth.

Panasonic WC-S4550L

The WV-S4550L dome of Panasonic It is part of the new platform of cameras manufacturer Extreme I-Pro network, which offers a resolution of 5 megapixel integrated with smart coding technology, able to significantly reduce storage needs and network bandwidth.

This omnidirectional camera captures high quality images in difficult and dynamic environments thanks to its Super Dynamic technology 108dB. In particular, the details on the edge of the fish-eye, as the face of a person or object, they are much clearer and less distorted on other models of this type, both the bright and dark areas.

Thanks to the built-in infrared Led, the objects are still visible in a crisp monochrome image although there is no lighting, with a distance of irradiation of 10 meters away.

To this is added the Intelligent Auto mode, to capture sharper images of moving objects thanks to the automatic optimization of parameters of camera to obtain the best image in several scenes (with the help of the automatic shutter functions, iris control, automatic image stabilization and backlight compensation).

Panasonic WC-S4550L

The camera controls the movement and dynamics of the scene to automatically adjust key parameters of the camera in real time and reduce distortion, as the effect of motion in non-static objects. It incorporates the Smart encoding H.265, that increases bandwidth efficiency in up to a 95%, According to some evidence, with respect to H.264, for recordings more longer and reduce storage needs.

In combination with the new frame rate control, Auto-VIQS, the camera reduces the amount of data in up to a 95%, about, in the case of fixed scenes and even a 80% in the scenes moving with the H.264 codec.

It also supports full encryption of data flow and is compatible with the FIPS standards 140-2 Level 1 to ensure the safety of the video; protection against cyber-attacks and prevention of leakage of video and data communication networks.

Designed to provide a high strength under extreme outdoor certified to IP66 and Nema 4 X and the integration of an electric dehumidifying device, Panasonic WV-S4550L is intended for applications such as transportation, surveillance in public spaces, logistics, etc.. and it can withstand high levels of vandalism, compatible with IK10 and 50J.

Among other analytical functions, with the optional WV-SAE200 software, It has heat-maps to visualize the pattern of movement of persons and time spent; people counting and suppressor of moving objects (MOR) the immediate environment, removing the video people and other moving objects.

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By • 21 Sea, 2018
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