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Members of the club of Belgian football R.W.D. Molenbeek will easily and quickly access their Stadium bleachers, Thanks to the technology of facial recognition of Panasonic, It will be installed at the entrance of access.

Panasonic zetes Stadium rwd molenbeek

Although the project is still in testing phase, the Belgian stage of the R.W.D. Molenbeek install a developed system of facial recognition in your entries by Panasonic.

This football club fans requesting their season passes online can now associate a photo to your profile, to be used to identify them in their access to the stadium via recordings in real time, using two cameras installed in the entrance for members.

Also, at the beginning of 2019 install an automatic door which in turn complete the new process of identification with facial recognition technology.

Viewers who have forgotten its input into paper be able to enter the stadium without any problem, Thanks to the system installed by specialist Zetes, with headquarters in Brussels, using the technology of facial recognition of Panasonic.

However, those who do not have any photos in your digital profile, or that they do not appear as holders of the entrance, they must go through conventional doors and show your ticket at the access barriers.

Panasonic zetes Stadium rwd molenbeek

Reliability and privacy protection

The Panasonic facial recognition software is used only on controls on access to the stadium and involves an additional advantage for season subscribers in comfort and speed .

Thierry Dailly, President of the R.W.D. Molenbeek, Thus underlines it: "detection system, with its fast and reliable data processing functionality, It allows us to install a solution to speed up entry to the stadium controls".

For his part, Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, agrega que “este proyecto es un ejemplo perfecto de cómo podemos beneficiarnos de las innovadoras funcionalidades que ofrece el grupo Panasonic, propietario de Zetes; una empresa especializada en tecnologías de identificación con diversas aplicaciones. Esperamos que este proyecto pueda servir de escaparate para nuestros productos”.

Las fotografías de los aficionados se escanean y almacenan en un servidor del R.W.D. Molenbeek, que no está conectado a Internet ni a ningún otro sistema. Only personnel authorized by this football club can access those data. Also, the information collected by the cameras of the gateway is not recorded to preserve the confidentiality.

Moreover, on April 2017, Panasonic acquired a majority stake in Zetes, with headquarters in Brussels and presence in more than twenty countries, which was completed in July of that same year with the purchase of the 100% actions.

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By • 5 Nov, 2018
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