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This manufacturer's i-PRO series cameras use advanced AI applications to lower total cost of ownership and speed up processing.

The collaboration of Panasonic with the software company A.I.Tech allows your i-PRO surveillance cameras to be combined with built-in artificial intelligence capabilities and smart apps.

The result is to offer a wide range of innovative professional solutions based on deep learning, many of which are applicable to the current situation of COVID-19.

Applications run directly on the cameras themselves and, in this way, you can dispense with additional servers to perform analytical calculations and maintain the same levels of accuracy.

Some of its advantages are a lower total cost of ownership of the security infrastructure, as well as faster processing and greater immediacy in alarms, notifications or information issued by apps.

blankIn addition, many artificial intelligence applications can be used in the current pandemic to help manage social estating, occupancy levels and the use of masks in all types of facilities; retailers to improve the customer experience; in smart cities, traffic surveillance and smart parking and, in the case of event organizers and transport hubs, to monitor and ensure safety.

These applications are fully integrated into Panasonic's recently introduced range of i-PRO X series cameras with artificial intelligence engine, which includes six new models.

Cameras with resolution of 5 MP have been on the market since last July, while 4K will be released in November. All are available in dome or compact vandalism versions, indoors and outdoors.

Panasonic iPro ExtremeGerard Figols, European head of Panasonic's commercial security department, explains that "this combination of artificial intelligence with our flexible cameras offers a new generation of commercial and security predictive applications that will help our customers be more proactive in their day-to-day operations"

Panasonic's i-PRO security cameras "are open for other manufacturers to develop their own ideas, which means just the beginning of a new era of smart apps", Figols says.

For its part, Alessia Saggese, director of sales and marketing at A.I. Tech, adds that "for the first time, this collaboration allows customers to get the most out of our apps,thanks to the incredible power of Panasonic's i-PRO cameras' artificial intelligence engine. It's a fantastic opportunity to tailor security hardware to the specific needs of a company or community".

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By • 16 Sep, 2020
• Section: MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Business, Computer security, Services, Video surveillance