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The result is WV-ASF900, where thanks to the technology integrated in both the cameras and the server you get accurate information about who is accessing the installation.

Panasonic WV-ASF900

Panasonic WV-ASF900 face recognition software with its expansion kit allows you to run facial recognition on an IP security system, facilitating the flow of accurate access control information, as well as for marketing analytics, as a count of people, age data, Gender, Etc.

Thanks to advanced WV-ASF950 facial recognition software, the team records faces at an angle of up to 45o (left or right) and in 30th (up or down), without limitation if the face is partially covered with glasses (vision and sun) or masks, incorporating a powerful high-performance processing system, as recognized in the NIST test in the United States last year.

Panasonic FacePro WV-ASF900

As they explain from the Japanese multinational, "the server leverages deep learning technology. Up to 10.000 faces with standard software, and adding the face registration expansion kit, is increased to 30,000".

This Panasonic software integrated into your IP cameras also automatically adjusts your device settings and optimizes images obtained from facial recognition. Thanks to the 'best shot' option of this manufacturer's I-Pro Extreme cameras, determines which image should be sent to the server for facial recognition, reducing network load for a single server to work with more devices, in addition to "reducing the total cost of a system with about ten cameras in a 40-50% thanks to this option", punctualized from the company.

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By • 12 Sea, 2018
• Section: Deep down, Access control, Detection, Intrusion, Services, Video surveillance