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On the MWC 2015, Panasonic has released surveillance camera without WiFi, Nubo. A team that operates through the 4G network and incorporates presence detection sensors that activate alarms shown on mobile.

Panasonic Nubo

Nubo is the name of the camera video surveillance Panasonic Cameramanager He has performed in the Mobile World Congress which is being held in Barcelona. A team that can be deployed in different locations and used for very different applications without requiring power or WiFi connection. Panasonic Nubo is a stand alone camera that connects to your mobile phone and operates through 4G network. A device that provides connectivity through leading wireless operators and Vodafone will be the first partner in Europe to provide network connectivity machine to machine (M2M).

Panasonic NuboNubo provides a complete platform as cameras ready for use, mobile data plan, a mobile application for monitoring and alerts, external battery pack and complementary options, as well as offering secure cloud storage for managing data and videos.

The storage system in the cloud Nubo is based on technology developed by Panasonic Cameramanager, company acquired by Panasonic in 2013, ensuring full protection of data created on the storage system itself Panasonic's cloud and simple management of them through the mobile app on devices like smartphones or tablet based on Android or iOS.

Designed according to IP66 standards, Nubo can be used both indoors and outdoors, enduring the weather. This security camera Panasonic incorporates sensors that detect human presence to generate alerts and custom alarms.

Panasonic NuboAlso, your wireless radio technology allows you to communicate with external detection and door sensors and motion. Moreover, have bidirectional communication to allow communicate through the camera when an alert is triggered.

Nubo is the first Panasonic equipment you will use your mobile virtual network, as published Digital AV Magazine, has also been announced at MWC 2015. This initiative marks the entry of the manufacturer in the world of mobile virtual operators and aims to connect all its product lines for all devices to access the services offered M2M Cloud, as remote monitoring, data collection or analysis.

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By • 4 Sea, 2015
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