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AirLive, manufacturer of networking and communications equipment, He has released a new range of cameras' Fisheye’ of 2 MP, for ceiling and wall, with H.264-AVC performance and full panoramic view 360 degrees. Its capacity allows wide coverage installing fewer cameras, with less maintenance, and is ideal for displaying large areas, such as lobbies, stores, offices, public areas, etc..

AirLive, OvisLink company division, has announced the upcoming release of their new cameras' Fish Eye’ (Fisheye). Through the lens 'Fish eye', these cameras pose a panoramic viewing angle extremely large 180/360 degrees, achieving a particular vision also known as wide-angle lens, whose distortion is like a reflection in a sphere.

The three models that comprise the 'fish eye line’ AirLive are faith-200CU (bucket type camera), FE - 200DM (Ceiling Mount) and faith-200VD (vandal resistant dome). These cameras are designed for those scenarios in which you need to monitor large spaces, with three different views through a single high definition image. Due to this characteristic, the main advantage is that you can install a single camera and meet, for example, three chambers functions.

These chambers 2 MP (1600 x 1200 pixels) have superior performance of H.264-AVC. Its design allows mounting on walls and ceilings, providing flexibility to monitor large spaces, as inputs, lobbies, retails, offices, public areas, inter alia. Using e-PTZ, can fit all angles of vision with a click easily and intuitively. Other features include PoE, way audio, DIDO and local storage with Micro SD card slot.

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By • 7 Nov, 2012
• Section: CCTV