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Show how technology is driving innovation in security, Protection and operational efficiency is the goal of Open, A new concept of event organized by Axis, in collaboration with Genetec And Milestone, that already has the first confirmed dates.

Axis Communications has presented an "ambitious and attractive series of events in EMEA in collaboration with Genetec And Milestone, that will highlight how technology is driving innovation in security, Protection and operational efficiency, always keeping sustainability and cybersecurity in mind", point from the company

The new series of events Axis Open will start at the fourth quarter of 2023 and will offer a unique opportunity for system integrators, Distributors, Consultants and end customers meet for a day marked by innovation and business opportunities.

Visitors who attend any of these events will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technological trends, Connect with industry leaders "and discover more about the challenges and opportunities arising from key trends in the security industry".

Axis Open has confirmed the Top six locations and dates for 2023 in Madrid and other countries (See attached chart), with more than 2.000 Expected attendees, based on company data.

With Axis speakers, Partners and external experts, During the event, topics around evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence (The) and the cloud, as well as other broader Cybersecurity, Sustainability and digital transformation.

"Technology and digital transformation are driving very interesting changes in many sectors," he says. Linn Storäng, Regional Director of Axis Communications for Northern Europe-. It is important that we take stock of the opportunities that arise from this., while being aware of the broader business issues of cybersecurity regulation and sustainability agendas.".

As this manager says, "The intent of Open events is to allow the market to connect with each other and with subject matter experts.; discover the latest trends that will affect them and ways to collaborate and, ultimately, unlock these challenges to realize new business opportunities.".

Open events will be structured around Three areas of work: Open Mind, for inspiring plenary sessions, Round tables and workshops; Open Learn, A tech bar for conversations and questions in an intimate and inviting space, And Open Zone, to facilitate product presentations and demonstrations at partner booths. "Above all else, The focus will be on education, Collaboration and networking", Underlines.

In this line, Jos Beernink, Vp. for EMEA from Milestone Systems, He points out that "our company is partner-oriented, so joining forces with a trusted and valued technology partner like Axis fits perfectly with our go-to-market strategy and our open platform is the foundation of everything we do.".

Beernink emphasizes that "our open-mindedness and our commitment and loyalty to the 100% With our ecosystem of partners are in our DNA. Partnering with Axis, We can adapt to evolving needs and offer our customers the unlimited potential of our open platform innovations.. Participating in the Open event series will give us the opportunity to showcase and experience the almost endless opportunities that video technology offers today for seamless security solutions.".

Georges Tannous, Senior Director of Business Development, Genetec, adds that "our partnership with Axis is based on more than twenty-five years of mutual collaboration and trust.. It's a relationship driven by our shared focus on digital transformation, Innovation and cybersecurity. We are proud to be part of Open, where we will share the latest results in product development with our partners, Channel and end users. Our recently announced Axis Powered by Genetec access control offering is just the beginning.".

Axis, Genetec and Milestone will be accompanied in Open by partners and sponsors of the event, that will combine to offer a unique and enriching experience to all attendees on the dates and cities already confirmed, and others to be announced for EMEA in early November 2024.

Axis Open events for 2023

  • Madrid: 3 October
  • Paris: 17 October
  • London: 31 October
  • Tel Aviv: 2 November
  • Oslo: 7 November
  • Helsinki: 21 November

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By • 27 Jul, 2023
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