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Hanwha Wisenet TNF-9010Hanwha Techwin has developed the Wisenet TNF-9010 parking guidance device, which offers 360° visualization and 12 MP to also help deter and detect criminal activity.

At a time when city centre car parks and offices are refilled after the pandemic, Hanwha Techwin has presented Wisenet TNF-9010, a guidance solution to help drivers quickly locate empty seats, as well as increasing the income of parking management companies.

With the function of vehicle detection based on artificial intelligence (The), this device only requires a Wisenet TNF-9010 camera to monitor and analyze up to sixteen seats parking and determine if they are occupied or not, no server needed.

Quick and easy to install, this system offers an economical alternative to solutions that require several cameras to cover the same number of parking spaces, reducing initial investment and maintenance costs.

“Now you have to manage parking again to avoid queues and congestion to find a free space, he says. Uri Guterman, Product and Marketing Director of Hanwha Techwin Europe-. TNF-9010 will be able to help parking operators maximize their revenue, with the added advantage of improving the customer experience by ensuring drivers don't waste time looking for an empty seat".

The Led that incorporates Wisenet TNF-9010 can be configured to show up to seven colors Different, offering a real-time visual indication to drivers to find various types of parking spaces available (Handicapped, electric cars, large families, as well as those reserved for employees and visitors of a company).

In addition to parking guidance, TNF-9010 offers a v360° isoualization resolution of 12 Megapixel to help deter and detect criminal activity, as it can be used to monitor large areas without blind spots, and that drivers also feel safe when they leave or return for their cars.

The 360° images captured by TNF-9010 are enhanced at the edges with the help of a stereographic type lens, while processing distortion correction Built-in ensures that when the camera is in quadrant mode there is no visible distortion of the captured images (such as straight lines of objects that appear curved, frequent when using fisheye).

Wisenet TNF-9010 can be configured to transmit an alarm via connected speakers when integrated with emergency alert technology, so operators receive alarms generated by the camera and can quickly retrieve the recorded video and verify what is happening.

The TNF-9010 camera integrates the Wisenet7 chipset by Hanwha Techwin. In addition to capturing clear and sharp images in variable lighting situations, its cybersecurity functionality also ensures that the firmware of the camera is protected against hacking, as well as those of drivers.

More features of Wisenet TNF-9010

  • Simultaneous transmission of up to five channels, with one overview and four individual views.
  • RJ-45 port allows connection of the camera to a cable conduit.
  • Direct Point allows you to precisely define the vehicle's detection zone within the field of view of each channel of the camera.
  • The DPTZ function (Digital PTZ) allows operators to precisely set the camera's field of view.
  • Audio detection, blur and manipulation.
  • Analytics and alarm input and output.
  • Compatible with Wisenet Wave video management software platforms, Milestone And Genetec.
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By • 29 Nov, 2021
• Section: Deep down, Systems control, Detection, Services, Video surveillance