Vivotek Vortex

With this solution, Vivotek enters the subscription market. It is an end-to-end AI surveillance solution that integrates deep learning-based network cameras and cloud video management software.

Vivotek has announced its cloud-based video surveillance service (VSaaS), Vortex, which marks the company's debut in the subscription market.

It is a key component of Vivotek's development strategy, that focuses on centralizing information, data and video content in a secure storage space and free yourself from conventional spatio-temporal constraints to improve safety and efficiency.

"Vortex is a breakthrough in the company's end-to-end surveillance solution for VSaaS", Explains ShengFu Cheng, Vice President of Strategic Business at Vivotek. "It's also the first step in the transition to a subscription-based model.. Provides intelligent, easy-to-use data analytics services. In addition, its hybrid cloud architecture allows it to transcend conventional storage frameworks".

Now, video data can be stored and analyzed through edge computing, directly inside the camera, and backup to the cloud. This reduces time constraints, cost and bandwidth.

Vortex features powerful AI video analytics technologies, Improved real-time detection and post-hoc search functionality, state-of-the-art deep search algorithms to turn metadata into quantifiable and searchable information and refine people detection accuracy, vehicles and environments over time.

In addition to real-time alerts, is able to filter big data to identify or track past events. Its hybrid cloud architecture allows for unlimited archiving, automatic backup, event management and instant sharing.

All of these features combine to maximize operational efficiency and storage reliability., while minimizing network outages and downtime.

Vortex is a comprehensive end-to-end AI surveillance solution that integrates deep learning-based network cameras and cloud video management software.

Advantages of Vortex for SMEs:

  • Wide selection: resolution of 2-12 Mp, bullet, dome, turret and fisheye camera of 360 Degrees, from entry level to high-end model to meet different installation scenarios and budget throttling.
  • Sharp image quality: Smart IR and WDR technologies to raise visibility in demanding environments.
  • Edge AI Analytics : intelligent object recognition technology to accurately detect intrusion, line crossing and loitering detection of people and vehicles; with real-time notifications.
  • Hassle-free zero configuration: the system application is installed by scanning a QR code, with automatic firmware and AI software updates.

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By • 19 Sep, 2022
• Section: Systems control, Video surveillance