Vivotek Vortex at Olson Seed

To protect the facilities, VSaaS has been used Vivotek Vortex, A complete end-to-end AI surveillance solution that integrates deep learning-based network cameras with cloud-based video management software.

Perry's Olson Seed Service (Iowa) has made a large investment in agricultural equipment, vehicles and supplies you store at your facility. To protect these assets, it has decided to install a security solution based on Vivotek Vortex.

Robberies in rural Iowa have increased by 60% in the last five years, What worries companies like Olson Seed Service. Many rural businesses do not have technological solutions for their day-to-day operations, So it's crucial to find a video surveillance system that is effective and easy to manage.

Vivotek Vortex at Olson Seed

Businesses in these types of rural communities that didn't need this type of video surveillance in the past are realizing that these security measures are becoming vital, regardless of the size and scope of the operation itself.

Basic Surveillance Equipment, such as network video recorders (Nvr) and even computer hard drives, They remain popular choices for security professionals, But they're becoming outdated and harder to manage. The cost of continuously maintaining and even replacing this type of equipment is endless, And remote monitoring and video retrieval is difficult or impossible in many cases, especially in real-time.

Olson Seed Service needed both a company with experience in camera placement design and equipment that was local to support them, as a comprehensive global solution, but easy to use.

The Cloud Video Surveillance Service (VSaaS) Vivotek Vortex Eliminates These Challenges and Meets the Needs of Olson Seed Service.

Vivotek Vortex at Olson Seed

Full Coverage

After the System Integrator's Visit Tech Zone, They made a design to cover the doors of Olson Seed Service, the outdoor parking and equipment of your plot with three cameras, along with two more inside that covered production and inventory.

Tech Zone chose Vivotek Vortex's new VSaaS, a complete end-to-end AI surveillance solution that integrates deep learning-based network cameras with cloud-based video management software to solve indoor and outdoor security requirements at Olson Seed Service.

Vortex provides intelligent data analytics services and is easy to use. In addition, Its hybrid cloud architecture allows it to transcend conventional storage frameworks. There is no longer a need for dedicated video management software or centralized systems to manage and process video data.

Vivotek Vortex at Olson Seed

Video data can be stored and analyzed using edge computing, directly inside the camera, and back up to the cloud, reducing time constraints, Cost and bandwidth of the past.

Vortex allows you to receive event notifications, based on deep learning, on a real-time smart device so you never miss important messages again. Managing a surveillance system is more efficient and easier thanks to the wide selection of cameras, Crystal clear image quality, The Edge AI analytics and hassle-free setup.

The VSaaS features powerful AI video analytics technologies, Improved real-time detection and post-hoc search functionality, State-of-the-art deep search algorithms to turn metadata into quantifiable information, that allows you to precisely search and define the detection of people, Vehicles and Environments Over Time.

In addition to real-time alerts, Vortex is capable of sifting through big data to identify or track past events, And its hybrid cloud architecture enables unlimited archiving in the cloud, Automatic backups, event management and instant sharing. All of these features are merged into the Automated Storage Facility to maximize operational efficiency and storage reliability, while minimizing network outages and downtime.

Tech Zone installed five Vortex cameras inside and outside the company. Three Dome FD837-HTV of 5 Mp, IP66/IK10 rated, Remote Focus & Zoom Lens; and two domes FD839-EHV of 5 IP66/IK10 rated outdoor fixed lens.

Vortex Allows Paul Olson, owner of Olson Seed ,Monitor your facilities wherever you are, whether it's working or taking some time to relax. This platform was chosen because of its ease of operation and ease of expansion to additional cameras.

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By • 11 Jan, 2024
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