Vivotek at Honda Japan

License plate recognition cameras have been installed in the dealerships Vivotek IP9172-LPC. An easy-to-install model that captures clear images even at night, When Vehicles Have Their Lights On.

Honda Cars, Honda Japan Car Dealership, has more than 2.000 Points of sale in Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa, where they offer sales services, inspection, Maintenance & Repair.

Surveillance system contracts at some distribution points were expiring and it was necessary to integrate the surveillance system with license plate recognition software to speed up service procedures, improving the overall quality of service. To respond to these requirements, Honda Cars began looking for a more suitable safety system.

Since Honda Cars has high daily customer and vehicle traffic, The priority was to improve the quality of customer service. The security systems currently available on the market have low levels of stability and lack auto-zoom and autofocus functions.

Vivotek at Honda Japan

In addition, Dealership outlets are normally open from morning to evening, And the intensity of the light also affects the clarity of the camera's image. So, Installing inadequate equipment would only increase the manpower deployed and the cost of maintenance.

On the other hand, the reception hall and the facilities of M&R are located in two separate areas at some distance, And it's difficult for service staff to provide timely assistance when the store is busy; even with service appointments made in advance, Customers may not receive immediate attention when they arrive at the store, which has led to a growing number of complaints.

Vivotek at Honda Japan

The answer to these challenges was found in the license plate recognition camera Vivotek IP9172-LPC. An easy-to-install model that quickly captures clear images. Even at night, When Vehicles Have Their Lights On, which usually affects the image clarity of the license plates captured by the cameras, This model can still maintain a high level of image clarity.

In a high-contrast light environment, The images captured by this camera will not be overexposed or indistinguishably dark. IP9172-LPC License Plate Recognition Camera Delivers High-Quality Video Images.

Vivotek at Honda Japan

Vivotek has cooperated with its partner Forcemedia to integrate PMC's Vehicle Vision license plate recognition system, that captures license plate images through the camera and connects with Honda Cars' internal customer information management system. Allows real-time display of customer visit purposes and related records of service personnel.

When customers enter the store, Sales reps can welcome them right away via intercom, or even escort them to their designated seats in the reception room, simultaneously gaining knowledge about your wait time and your progress.

Through seamless recognition of customer background information, The flow of service traffic can be significantly optimized to ultimately elevate the overall quality of operations and the level of customer satisfaction, Offering the most hospitable service.

Vivotek at Honda Japan

Vivotek and its partner Forcemedia have adapted security solutions for car dealerships and expanded the scope of service to dealerships of other automakers across Japan, as well as Honda Cars.

"The Vivotek IP9172-LPC license plate recognition camera captures clear images and is capable of accurate recognition, allowing us to provide smooth and high-quality services, significantly improving customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, The camera captures images that are not easily affected by ambient light and there are almost no restrictions as to where they are installed, which reduces the barrier and the cost of installation", explains a PMC system administrator.

Currently, Vivotek has extended this security solution to more than 20 dealer outlets in Japan and will continue to expand the scope of the application in the future, Raising the quality of service for local car dealerships.

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By • 31 May, 2023
• Section: Case studies, Detection, Video surveillance