Vivotek Delta Electronics

The Cloud Video Surveillance-as-a-Service Solution (VSaaS) Vortex Vivotek Offers proactive protection for real-time intrusion detection and surveillance of suspicious behavior.

The technology company's Pingzhen plant Delta Electronics in Taiwan is home to valuable large-scale energy storage and related equipment, whose protection requires comprehensive system-wide operation and accurate monitoring.

Vivotek Delta ElectronicsThese assets, crucial to the company's business operations, are stored remotely and require continuous, reliable protection. In addition, Its managers wanted to integrate a solution for instant intrusion detection and surveillance of suspicious behavior.

Delta Electronics' energy storage systems posed significant challenges in deploying such a security solution, as they are usually located in remote areas, sparsely populated or in places with limited human and vehicular traffic.

Vivotek Delta ElectronicsThe isolation of these sites and the critical importance of the equipment they house accelerated the need to address the potential for man-made harm and illegal intrusions, which, in addition to causing significant economic losses,, pose serious risks to lives and property.

All of this required a security proposal that provided proactive and responsive protection measures to counter these potential threats, That's what you selected the solution for Vortex video surveillance-as-a-service in the cloud (VSaaS) of Vivotek.

Vivotek Delta Electronics

Among other benefits offered by Vivotek Vortex to Delta Electronics, Company to which it belongs, The following stand out:

AI-Powered Intrusion Detection and real-time alarms: This technology significantly reduces false alarms by distinguishing between genuine security threats and common triggers, such as stray animals or minor intrusions, in addition to identifying individuals, vehicles and other objects.

This accuracy ensures that the system only alerts on actual security intrusions, enabling quick and effective responses to potential threats, as well as reducing unnecessary interruptions.

Event Identification Using Video Investigation: This powerful feature of Vivotek allows operators to quickly search through an accurate fingerprint summary, with Moving Route Capabilities.

This deep search feature eliminates the need for video scanning, which is time-consuming when searching for specific targets among numerous images.

Remote Access From Anywhere & Updates: Vivotek Vortex Offers Remote Access to Camera Diagnostics, enabling real-time troubleshooting.

This capability significantly reduces downtime resulting from camera malfunction, eliminating the need for a technician visit on-site. With rapid development iteration, automated OTA updates also ensure continuous system operation.

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By • 3 Jan, 2024
• Section: Alarms, Case studies, Detection, Services, Video surveillance