Vivotek logistics center Japan

The solution provided by Vivotek revolves around the VMS VAST 2 and integrates 105 FE9380-HV cameras for surveillance 360 degrees and 14 IB9368-HT for perimeter. In addition, has two ND 9425P NVRs and three NS9521 NVRs.

The Logistics Company largest in Japan, which has a department store and an extensive network has installed a large-scale surveillance system that incorporates surveillance cameras of Vivotek.

Since its creation in the Meiji period, the company has been responsible for the maritime transport of events such as the Olympic Games and the Universal Exhibition, expanded domestic and foreign logistics bases and proposed the latest IT-based logistics solutions, responding to the needs of different sectors.

The company's logistics center currently has more than 2.000 Branches throughout Japan. The construction of the security surveillance system in the warehouses allows a Centralized monitoring of all branches, ensuring smoother and smarter operations of the existing logistics system.

Since e-commerce sites have thrived in recent years, The logistics industry has also experienced an increase in the number of loads.. However, The industry also faces a chronic problem of insufficient labor due to low birth rate.. The introduction of IT into the system to improve the efficiency of the overall process has become an important element in achieving optimized and smooth services..

Vivotek logistics center Japan

The first objective of introducing the video surveillance system of Vivotek is to achieve centralized tracking from the central office in Kyoto and unified management of warehouses in several locations for greater efficiency.

The company hopes to minimize the number of surveillance cameras and ensure comprehensive monitoring of a vast 36.363 square meters, Reducing cost. In addition, The logistics company hopes to use the cameras to capture videos without blind spots during transport and stacking of pallets., and requires the system to be introduced before an agreed date.

Vivotek has joined forces with the associated company Takebishi to establish a large-scale surveillance system based on the Viviotek VMS, VAST 2. Inside the warehouses, A total of 105 Cameras FE9380-HV for 360-degree surveillance of pallet stacking operations without blind spots, And 14 bullet network cameras IB9368-HT on the perimeter, where focus and focal length can be adjusted even after installation.

Vivotek logistics center Japan

In the warehouse office there are two NVR ND 9425P that record the videos captured by the cameras. In addition, three NVRs NS9521, equipped with VAST 2, can coordinate all surveillance devices for recording, Centralized management and access.

From the perspective of the establishment of the system, The benefit of surveillance camera 360 degrees is that the customer needs only one camera to capture the panoramic view and it is also easy to select the installation locations.

Vivotek has cooperated with Takebishi for the installation of the system, Offering surveillance of a large site at minimal cost, as well as videos without blind spots during pallet stacking. The customer can monitor all sites from the Kyoto head office and overcome the limitations of the installation period.

"When using the surveillance cameras of 360 Vivotek degrees, The number of teams is halved. The warehouses have large surfaces and formerly there were points difficult to control. With the introduction of this system, every corner is covered", They affirm from the logistics company.

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By • 8 Sep, 2023
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