This technology partnership integrates the access control systems of IDTeck With Vivotek VSS (Vast Security Station), that provides faster and more effective real-time security management and monitoring.

The Manufacturer of Surveillance Solutions Vivotek and the provider of access control systems IDTeck have integrated technologies to Improve security management, which offers significant advantages, as both companies underline.

Vivotek FD9387-FR-v2In this sense, The integration of Vivotek video streaming into IDTeck's access control systems provides Alerts for quick responses and improved live monitoring, as well as providing audit-ready video footage and streamlined evidence collection, making it easier to conduct in-depth incident reviews, Streamlines evidence collection and security operations.

The collaboration between Vivotek and IDTeck introduces the PTZ control in the access management system, This is a significant advance in real-time monitoring to track people at access points, Simplifying management for security personnel.

Integration of IDTeck's access control system with Vivotek VSS improves security, Real-time monitoring and incident investigation, Offering complete security management.

Users can access key features such as Live Camera Viewing, PTZ Controls, Presets and video searches, all integrated with the company's electronic map.

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By • 29 Nov, 2023
• Section: Access control, Systems control, Business, Video surveillance