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Vivotek in medical center in Kaohsiung

With 60 IB9360-H cameras and 20 NVR NR9682-v2 Vivotek, a medical centre in Kaohsiung has installed a centralised intelligent surveillance system in its parking area.

In a well-known hospital in the city of Kaohsiung, located in Southern Taiwan, had problems in managing the parking area. The old surveillance system could no longer keep pace with the growth of facilities. A more efficient solution was needed, an intelligent and comprehensive surveillance system that responds to multiple needs.

This hospital covers a total of 13 parking areas, with many inputs and outputs. Traditional management of surveillance solutions in the past was labor-efficient, and when incidents occurred, were not resolved immediately.

Vivotek in medical center in Kaohsiung

An effective solution was sought through a system that could be monitored and managed centrally from the control center.

The choice fell on Vivotek's technology, on your network video recorder NR9682-v2 and the camera IB9360-H as the most suitable options to provide intelligent surveillance.

The installation has had the incorporation of 20 NR9682-v2 and 60 IB9360-H. These computers are located in the 13 parking areas.

Vivotek in medical center in Kaohsiung

Vivotek IB9360-H and NR9682-v2

The IB9360-H is an H.265 bullet type camera equipped with a 2 Megapixel. Features a weatherproof IP66 housing and vandal-proof IK10 rating for outdoor applications.

It has IR illuminators with an effective range of 30 meters for better visibility at night and with its lens of 3,6 Mm, a camera can cover multiple lanes.

This model uses Smart Stream III technology to ensure bandwidth efficiency, while saving up to a 50% in data storage.

Vivotek in medical center in Kaohsiung

The NR9682-v2 is a network video recorder with VAST VMS 2 integrated to centrally manage multiple sites and provide real-time video monitoring and playback.

This NVR is equipped with cybersecurity attack prevention. Camera attacks and events are reported to VAST alarm management 2.

In addition to the alarm action, reporting and acknowledging trends and status of attacks, it also has Smart Search II, that allows users to more quickly search for specific objects or people.

Compared to the previous system, Vivotek's new system reduced the labor required by a 50%. The manufacturer provided an intelligent surveillance solution to upgrade the hospital's parking management system.

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By • 19 Oct, 2021
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