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Cieza Dahua By Demes Town Hall

The murcian town of Cieza now has a video surveillance system, based on the technology of Dahua Technology, according to the project carried out by Murciana de Tráfico, of the Etra Group and the collaboration of By Demes Group, that provides the security forces with all the information in case of any incident.

Installed last June, The Town Hall of Cieza it now has an advanced video surveillance system to ensure greater security in areas of this murcian town, which is based on the solutions of Dahua Technology, with the collaboration as a supplier of By Demes Group.

Thanks to the installation made in Ascoy (Cieza) and in the control room of the Police of this town by Murciana de Tráfico (Murtrafic), company belonging to Etra Group, the Security Forces and Bodies have more information and control before any incident that occurs.

Dahua's comprehensive solution to improve citizen security in Cieza consists of a Nvr, model 750-Fo (608-64-4KS2), with capacity for up to 64 Channels of 12 Megapixel, recording of 384 Mbps, eight HDDs with RAID capability, two HDMI outputs and one VGA.

To this are added six cameras Dahua 2731 (ITC431-RW1F-IRL8) for the recognition of license plates, with a resolution of 4 megapixels and a motorized lens of 10~40mm.

In addition, this video surveillance device has a AI processor high-performance and integrates a deep learning algorithm to read and analyze vehicle metadata in real time, perform traffic flow statistics, detect events and violations and ensure traffic safety.

In this murcian town have also been installed eight units of the model 2738-Fo (IPC-HFW5842HP-Z4HE) Dahua It is a camera with environment, with 4K resolution to 25 Ipx, motorized optics of 8 ~32mm and WizMind AI Technology, for greater effectiveness in identification.

Finally,, for the monitoring of events and management there is a monitor Dahua-1624 (LM55-S400). The entire system has been installed on existing media and with communications in fiber optic rings through the software DSS Pro to ensure license plate identification.

As you pointed out Juan Antonio Verdejo, municipal technical engineer of the City of Cieza, “the treatment by Murtrafic has been excellent from the start, understanding the needs of the city council at all times”.

Since this locality did not have before video surveillance system, the deployment carried out now has been very positive in improving the security of the area.

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By • 20 Jul, 2021
• Section: Case studies, Systems control, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Detection, Urban security, Video surveillance