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Two of its centers have kits that include an IPC-HDBW5241E-ZE fixed dome camera, a Blackbody JQ-D70Z system and a 5216-16P-I NVR. With these equipment, a very accurate measurement of the body temperature of all the people who access the building is achieved.

By Demes in Ibercaja

Thermal imaging cameras for fever detection have become essential products of security systems in recent months. Thanks to Tecalsa, two centers of the banking firm Ibercaja they have two body temperature measurement kits Dahua, distributed by By Demes Group.

To ensure maximum reliability, Dahua kits include three elements: fixed dome camera 2197 (IPC-HDBW5241E-ZE), Blackbody 2182N (JQ-D70Z) NVR IP 1773-FO (NVR5216-16P-I). With them, a very accurate measurement of the body temperature of all the people who access the building is achieved. In the face of a possible case of fever, the system will trigger a warning.

Detection is performed by the fixed camera, using thermal imaging technology, specially adapted to temperature measurement in human people; and thanks to the Blackbody you get extra precision.

By Demes in Ibercaja

This element, that is installed at the opposite end of the camera and that is inside the field of view, offers a constant temperature. Thereby, the camera uses the Blackbody system as a reference point, ensuring a body measurement of +/- 0,3oC reading.

José Miguel Perigot, Director of Security at Ibercaja, confirms that this product responds to the health prevention and safety needs of Ibercaja's workers and customers, thanks to the "reliability, speed and automation of the Dahua kit process".

Accuracy is the strong point that this system provides, not forgetting their passive collaboration, which translates into the absence of queues, stop in front of a counter or bring your face closer to a specific point. The measurement is done remotely and without causing discomfort to people who access the centre, thanks to Artificial Intelligence that includes the system.

By Demes Group's Key Accounts sales team collaborated with Tecalsa in planning, development and supply of the complete system of Ibercaja centres.

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By • 14 Jul, 2020
• Section: Alarms, Case Studies, Detection