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This solution encompasses Grade panels 2, Vesta IoT sensors and devices, as well as third-party teams with IoT Z-Wave protocol. It also integrates with Dahua's video surveillance cameras and Salto Systems access control devices.

By Demes SmartRetailSec

The retail sector continues to generate most of its revenue in physical establishments, despite the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. While, the rate of losses attributed to theft or personnel errors continues to rise.

The joint implementation of CCTV systems, access control, IoT and alarm has proven to be the most effective solution, that's why, By Demes has introduced the SmartRetailSec security system. This global solution optimizes day-to-day operations, improves the customer experience and enables unified control of all security and home automation systems.

The main cause of losses in the retail sector is due to thefts committed by customers and employees. Although most surfaces currently have a video surveillance system, it is not so common for them to be complemented by intrusion or access control systems, reducing its effectiveness in preventing and preventing theft.

It is also important to consider the resources allocated to the different day-to-day operations carried out by staff, generally separately and they are more complex to automate, such as controlling access to warehouses and changing rooms, lights and air quality, the state of cold rooms, connecting and disconnecting the alarm, Etc. In most cases, these operations are not centralized.

On the other hand, we must also contemplate the change of habits by the consumer, who expects an increasingly satisfying shopping experience. That's when the implementation of home automation via IoT devices comes into play.

By Demes SmartRetailSec

Global ecosystem solution

Unifying security and IoT efforts in the retail sector is made possible by SmartRetailSec's solution. It is applicable to shopping malls, large areas and supermarkets, but also to clothing stores, conventional restaurants and shops.

Includes Grade Panels 2, sensors and IoT devices Vesta, but it is also possible to integrate and automate with SmartRetailSec third-party devices that have the IoT Z-Wave protocol. Another key aspect is integration with video surveillance cameras Dahua and access control devices Salto Systems.

It is possible to automate a wide variety of functions: authorize staff for store opening by geolocation, check occupancy status before allowing customers to enter certain areas or setting up light on/off scenes when assembling or disarming the alarm system. You can also set up effective worker access control using a mobile device or tag, keep the log of the openings and control the temperature of the cold rooms or air quality.

Advanced features with real-time reports to the CRA and control center of all stores, accessible from the same mobile device. Reducing costs, employee resources and time, improving competitiveness and reducing costs.

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By • 15 Apr, 2021
• Section: Alarms, Access control, Systems control, Detection, Intrusion, Video surveillance