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Both water parks have installed new cameras on network of 4 MP from this manufacturer, with optical motorised varifocal, at strategic points in the facilities and covering all the attractions.

Aquópolis Seville and cartaya by group and bss security demes

Located in the community of Andalusia, the Aquópolis Seville and Cartaya (Huelva), with a total area of 50.000 square meters dedicated to the attractions and entertainment with water, they belong to the same group of companies, and they are structured into three areas (child, moderate attractions and high emotion).

Perpetrators raised the need to install a CCTV system to improve the service of protection and safety of users and control more reliably what still happens in the attractions in both water parks.

Aquópolis Seville and cartaya by group and bss security demesAquópolis has relied on the solution offered by the installation company BSS Security & Systems, designed jointly with the delegate domercial of Western Andalusia and Extremadura's By Demes Group, Angel Maestre, that it has become so far one of the amusement parks of this company in the South of Spain security projects.

Specifically, the CCTV project for the 50.000 m2both parks it consisted of the installation of sixty cutting-edge Dahua IP cameras, of 4 MP and optical motorised varifocal, at strategic points in the entire surface and covering all of the attractions.

These networked devices work 24/7, Since not only are used to support and improve the service and security of these parks during the opening, but to preserve the security of these facilities throughout the year.

Aquópolis Seville and cartaya by group and bss security demesDahua network video surveillance cameras were installed in both water parks on staffs, of 3 meters high and made of galvanized steel, they communicated through wireless links to points with fiber optic and were centralized in a fourth technical, where also installed a recorder of 64 IP channels and several hard drives for image recording.

All solution is monitored twenty-four hours from the Central receiving of BSS Security & Systems, Thanks to the possibility that computers offer, interact remotely with the public address system installed within the water parks of Sevilla and Cartaya.

According to the director of Aquópolis Seville, J. Alberto Castro Alvarez, "the change has been abysmal after installation, covering many aspects than with the previous system did not, more safely and with simple daily operation for the user, greatly improving the safety and operation of the Park".

Aquópolis Seville and cartaya by group and bss security demesSpecifically, Thanks to the data obtained from cameras located at this facility, "the behaviour incidents has been improved, the adjustments or changes in facilities, the performance of the attractions and the operational safety of the Park", says this Steering.

The advice and treatment of BSS Security & Systems and support By Demes group are one of the strong points of this project, that Castro Alvarez qualifies as "decisive, advising on the different technical possibilities of the market consistent with the needs and proposing really interesting solutions for our business".

The technical sales team By Demes Group collaborated with this integrator in the planning and development of the whole system of Cartaya and Aquópolis Seville. For Francisco Vazquez, BSS Security Manager & Systems, "know-how By Demes Group on new technologies has allowed us to expand our project and complete the initial solution posed to Aquopolis. The synergies that we encourage us to rely on them for future projects as one part of our technical sales team".

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By • 10 Jan, 2019
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