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This suite runs on the manufacturer's cameras and incorporates a deep learning artificial intelligence engine for accurate detection of people and objects.

Smart VCA is the smart video analytics suite of Vivotek which includes intruder detection, lighting changes, Animals, of unattended objects and faces. The core of the system is an artificial intelligence engine (IA) deep learning, that offers advanced accuracy in detecting people relative to other traditional systems, normally rules-based.

This system runs on Vivotek cameras (see attached video). Precisely the manufacturer's experience in the field of network video surveillance, along with the extensive databases of the captured images have been the starting point for developing such an AI detection engine, powered by a neural network to recognize the human form.

Specifically, Smart VCA instantly recognizes human shapes in the area covered by the camera and is monitored in a perimeter environment or outdoor area, which are the ones that produce suspicious events and alarms, while differentiating and eliminating the movements of nature (Trees, Vegetation, etc.); vehicles transiting, Animals, etc..

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By • 19 Sep, 2019
• Section: Detection, Computer Security, CCTV