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La compañía de transporte ha actualizado su solución de vigilancia en el centro Maria Lazendorf, that already counted with nearly 500 cameras from Sony and the Milestone VMS, with the integration of 33 SNC-VM772R 4K cameras.

Sony at the Gebrueder Weiss

Gebrüder Weiss It is one of the largest and most long-lived of Europe logistics and transport companies, with a legacy of more of 500 years old. Headquartered in Vorarlberg (Austria) and over 7.000 employees 150 locations all over the world, It has clients of all sizes, that you trust the company to send their goods safely and without damage to its destination. Para garantizar los envíos, the service provider relies on a comprehensive video surveillance in their logistics centres, that it is regularly updated to incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology.

Sony SNC-VM772RLa última iniciativa la ha realizado en su centro de distribución de Maria Lazendorf, localzado cerca de Viena. Hasta ahora contaba con casi 500 cameras Sony y el software de gestión de vídeo (VMS) of Milestone Systems. This has been supplemented with the integration of 33 cámaras SNC-4K de Sony.

The update allows greater security, full track of the package that is sent and the ability to track any damage. Las nuevas cámaras 4K de Sony se utilizan principalmente para vigilar la recarga, desde los remolques más grandes hasta los camiones más pequeños. Its field of view covers the exact place of transfer, as well as the interior of trailers and conveyor.

The SNC-VM772R camera features a large CMOS sensor with 4K resolution, combining optimum image quality and a large depth of field, even in difficult lighting conditions. Its robust design, with integrated image stabilization, It ensures smooth, clear video footage despite the vibration, dust and exhaust fumes from the trucks circulating.

The installation of cameras ensures that throughout the transit zone is monitored at all times, with no blind spot caused by vehicles or pallets. Also, las nuevas cámaras 4K pueden seguir múltiples objetos de forma simultánea tanto con resolución VGA como Full HD.

The image sensor of 20 the SNC-VM772R megapixel also allows capture high quality evidence, imágenes con una resolución superior a 4K que permite que se visualice hasta el más pequeño detalle de forma clara. For Gebrüder Weiss, the Sony solution is an alternative to many of the PTZ cameras (pan/tilt/zoom) or systems with multiple sensors.

La instalación y la integración en el entorno existente ha sido realizada por OWD Österreichischer Wachdienst Security & Services, local partner of Sony. With 2.800 staff, es una de las compañías de seguridad más grandes de Austria.

“Desde que se inauguró en 2006 hemos utilizado cámaras de Sony en nuestro centro en Maria Lanzendorf, nuestra mayor terminal en el mundo. Tanto la calidad de imagen como la fiabilidad, con ratios de error cercanos a cero, they have always exceeded our expectations, and even in the current project was shown in a direct comparison with other alternatives", says Werner Drnec, responsible for operations in Gebrüder Weiss, Maria Lanzendorf.

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By • 11 Oct, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, CCTV