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The transfer agreement the area of sales and marketing of Sony Security to the German multinational specialized in security is in force from the day 1 in February of 2017.

The multinational Bosch Security Systems is responsible for, from the past 1 for the month of February, in the areas of sales and marketing for the division of surveillance of Sony, that now makes the management and the latest company product support.

According to the statement made by both companies, information on all current and future video surveillance products from Sony will still be available in the page dedicated to the area of surveillance of this company, maintaining the format of the product pages to ensure that the canal have access to everything you need to sell your systems.

Also, any customer who has purchased a product from Sony video surveillance before the 1 in February of 2017 It continues coverage of PrimeSupport, You must be contacted with Bosch Security in case of breakdown or request for assistance.

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By • 28 Feb, 2017
• Section: Business, CCTV