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This video surveillance solution, for retail applications, It combines analysis of video images in three dimensions, using a video camera, developed by Eocortex, with two scanners of infrared that enable maximum accuracy in data collection.

Aryan Eocotex count 3D for video surveillance

The wholesale Aryan It has expanded its portfolio of solutions of intelligent video analysis solution for 3D people counting of Eocortex, that is capable of delivering a precision of the 98,6%, superior to the other systems, In addition to being economically more competitive.

This solution, specialist in video analysis provides, not only the business intelligence required to be able to gather specific information, but also of interpreting it and present it in charts and reports, as well as offering the possibility to archive recordings for comparison, resulting in a well informed decisions.

It has the ability to distinguish between boxes, shopping carts, baby strollers, animals and even recognizes groups of people coming and going at the same time, improving the efficiency of its results. Thanks to its 'auto setup' you can identify the distance to the ground, the perfect angle or a proper area for quick and correct installation...

The solution combines analysis of video images in three dimensions using a unique video camera, developed by Eocortex, with two scanners of infrared that enable maximum accuracy in the collection of the data.

Eocortex software monitors cameras from any location either from a mobile phone or a laptop. The freedom that gives remote access real time camera is in greater confidence and convenience of the operation of the video surveillance system.

It's an ideal solution for applications that tell people it is vital , as well as where you need to calculate the conversion rate from individual stores or sections of the Mall; optimize the amount of staff to perform work according to the hourly demand; increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities, and impartial incentive programs; and is required for rental expenses optimization.

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By • 9 Oct, 2018
• Section: Detection, Business, CCTV